My baby is almost 9 months old and overtired. Don't ask me how we got here. But I'm trying to make a sleep schedule for her. Problem is whenever I try to put her to nap she resists it. We are trying to soothe her by changing her diaper, breast feed and rock her to soothe. She did fine fir two days but since yesterday she's resisting it. She'll sleep until we do all this but wake up the minute we put her down. She wants me right next to her all the time. Any suggestions!?

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I'm sure her crib is comfortable since she slept there until yesterday.

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My sweet girl resists when she's teething. Is that an issue?

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Mine fights it soooo bad too and she's 2 months. I just have to swaddle her really good and hope she wears herself out :(

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Add bath to that routine. That might knock her out

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Try fresh air for 15 min a day. The change in temperature and scenery may help

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Sometimes you have to let them cry it out. It seems harsh, but if she doesn't learn it now can you imagine what this will be like for the next few years? Try a white noise machine too. My twins love the ocean sound. When they were that old we had an aquarium soother that had motion & lights& sounds that faded. It kept their attention and helped them fall asleep. Now the ocean noise is soothing and it's a sleep cue for them.

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I agree shower before bed helps a lot I would boil my son's bath water and I would add 2 bags of camomile tea that helps them rest and it lightens the hair color too lol

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Try when you feed her, to lay her next too you on the bed.

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Oh my Baby also like yours. She wants me all the time by her side or take a breast bf falling asleep.

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We do bath for bedtime

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We also noticed that she's realised what we are doing since she upset when we turn off the lights

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I downloaded an app called the baby sleep site and it helped as a guideline for when to nap, so maybe it'll help you out but definitely keep on a schedule minute by minute

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We had the same issue with my DS's eyes popping open as soon as we laid him down. A sleep counselor mentioned in a blog to put the baby down drowsy, but awake. I thought for sure he would scream his head off. But it worked. I bounce him on an exercise ball and sing softly to him to get him drowsy. Then once he starts to close his eyes, I lay him down, his eyes open, but he stares at me while I stay close and sing. Pretty soon he's out for the count! Mom wins.

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