My baby is 9days old and she's breaking out but she has been since we were in the hospital. The pediatrician said that it's a rash that all babies get that it goes away on it's own but this looks like it's getting worse. Any suggestions?

Jayleen D 3 likes

It will go away it's just baby acne most likely. No way to get rid of it that I know of. All my kids got it but it went away on it's own.

Dayna T 0 likes

How long did it take? I tried to post a picture but it wouldn't upload

Lola A 1 like

My LO got that and I just took a warm washcloth and cleaned her face in the morning and bedtime, it worked for her. Good luck .

Kaylin F 0 likes

It will clear up. It's baby acne if it's on the babies face. Just make sure after every feeding u whipe away milk with a warm wash clothe. Just water works fine. I've heard that formula fed babies get it more than breastfed babies because breastmilk is natural and doesn't irritate the skin as much. Not sure if that is true but my baby is breastfed and has never had baby acne. Hope this helps:) just whipe babies face clean when done eating.

Jenna O 1 like

I rubbed coconut oil on my LO and it helped tremendously.

Erin S 0 likes

My LO had it and then it started to go all scabby looking. I'm breast feeding and researched cows milk allergy. I stopped eating all dairy & soy when she was 1 month (which it's hard as it's in EVERYTHING)... But within 4 days she was completely cleared up & still has the nicest looking smooth skin now. She was also throwing up a lot when I was eating dairy but she doesn't anymore. She's now 10 weeks old & doing awesome. Something to consider even tho your LO is still very little.

Stephanie S 1 like

Is baby in any discomfort?

Caroline W 3 likes

Sounds like baby acne. Resist the urge to pick, over wash, apply creams. My LO's cleared starting around week 6. It's your hormones leaving baby's body.

Ashley N 0 likes

It will go away, in the mean time you can put breast milk on it

Christina C 0 likes

Like Caroline said, resist the urge. It will go away on it's own. My boys are 8 wks now and theirs came and went and came back again. It doesn't last though. Harmless. I didn't put anything on it.

Dayna T 0 likes

Oh okay I usually just wipe her face I never pick it I just don't like how it looks šŸ˜’

Alexis M 0 likes

I noticed it with my son. I started washing everyone's clothes in dreft (or any other unscented detergent, now I'm using All) and I noticed it went away. He would rest his head against our clothing too...

Jerlaine L 0 likes

Hey I saw your post I went threw this with my baby I used aveeno baby wash and lotion for sensitive skin n it went away in 3 days it's baby Acne just look for the one that says sensitive skin :)

ProudMom M 1 like

always have a wet cloth to wipe his face never use wipes , my baby had it and i tried everything and nothing really works it will go away on its own but my Dr told me to use cloth to wipe face and i did n it helped a lot

ProudMom M 1 like

*her face*

Amy J 0 likes

One of my twins had that...and I switched to Aveeno. But I only use a wet warm wash rag on her face with NO soap before I wash the rest of her body with it. I noticed that Johnson's lotion made it worse. Try the Aveeno..the lotion has no scent. It helped a lot.

Jayleen D 0 likes

My son is 12 weeks now and it's been gone for a while. I think it went away between 6-8 weeks.

Kendra V 0 likes

I'm not sure if its the same time but my son was starting to brake out as well and I noticed that bathing him everyday work and I never saw it again

Chen K 0 likes

Does the rush is going only on the face?

Dayna T 0 likes

Okay cool thanks

Serenity K 0 likes

It will go away by itself it's probably baby acne. My sons got really bad but cleared up around 6 weeks

Meagan H 0 likes

Just wash it good with mild soap at bath time and make sure the rashy areas are getting plenty of air circulation. Don't put lotions or creams on it, it will heal in no time.

Shaylece S 0 likes

Mine did! And I use just. The regular pink baby lotion! He could have any other lotions but regular Johnson. The more scented and irregular the worse

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