My baby is 5 months old today. She was born with lots of hair and now it's all falling out. Is this normal? Could it be the formula causing it? Worried mom please help!

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No, it happens to most babies.

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When that happened to my boys, I got the clippers and trimmed their hair so it grow out even. I would have done the same thing I had a girl.

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Kathy M 1 like

Do you mean just bald patches? Bc I know my son had some from rolling and just rubbing his head trying to move

Mahmooda C 0 likes

Yes I had the experience as the comment posted, especially if they don't like a lot of tummy time, then you will find that baby will have some hair loss from rolling around and giving preference to one side...if this doesn't sound like the case and your very concerned I would say call the pediatrician. Hope all is fine though.

Kris B 2 likes

My son lost most of his hair around 5 months. It's slowly coming back in.. This is usually normal

Ashlee C 2 likes

It's normal. My daughter was born with a ton of hair and lost most of it

Nicole 1 like

It's normal

Sara 1 like

It's normal. My daughter went almost bald around 3 months and it came back first like a Mohawk. Don't fret!

Stephanie S 1 like

Very normal.

Lisa B 1 like

It's normal, my daughter was born with thick hair and it's very thin

M M 2 likes

My son had a ton of hair when he was born. Black straight hair. It all fell out and was replaced with golden blonde waves. Still has thin hair now. He's 14 mo and I keep asking him when he's going to get more hair.

LauraLee T 1 like

Very normal. My son is 5mo and was born with a head of hair. He lost, basically, all of it and it's now coming back. My cousins baby went completely bald and it all came back. Don't worry :)

Katriza E 1 like

Yes it's normal. My baby was born with thick long hair, needed a haircut when he was born. Around 3 months, his hair was thinning noticeably. It did last for a few months but now his hair is thicker. My son was born with black hair and now he has brown hair. Not sure if that had anything to do with it.

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It's normal

Kortney H 1 like

Normal! Don't worry :-)

Sarah M 1 like

Very normal it's their baby hair fallin out, just like baby teeth fall out for adult ones to come in :)

Chelsea R 1 like

Normal :) my son was born with nice brown hair then it all fell out now it's coming in blonde

Carly H 0 likes

Yes- normal! My daughter spent most of her first year with a big bald spot on the back of her head from where she laid it in her crib. She was still super cute though! :)

Jayna Rissa C 1 like

Normal! Baby's baby hair falls out and thicker hair will grow in

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Thank you for all the feedback! Feeling better :)

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The hair will fall until 6-7 months old then will start to grow again! Is most because they are lay down to much and the rubbing with the bed or the pillow make it fall. When they start being more active the hair stay! You will see!

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Totally normal

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This happened with all 4 of mine. They were born with dark hair and when it fell out it grew in family doctor is an ob and has been for a long time. So he sees baby's every and has never mentioned anything wrong with it. So there's nothing to worry about your baby is completely healthy. :)

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Totally normal. My daughter was born with a lot of hair. She's 4 months and lost most of her hair in back! It's growing back but very slow.

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