My baby is 5 days old and gets the hiccups a lot. Any ideas what could be causing it ??

Amanda P 2 likes

Is your baby a preemie?

Kayla W 1 like

3 weeks early, yeah. I feel like maybe my milk is letting down too fast for him??

Emma S 3 likes

Totally normal.

Cali^Mom F 3 likes

Hiccups in newborns is very common. Just their little bodies learning to work. It won't hurt baby and probably bothers you more than it bothers him or her.

Amanda P 3 likes

Don't worry then. My daughter was a month early and she got hiccups ALL the time when she was first born. It passed now (she's almost three months) and her doctor said it was perfectly normal and more common in preemies. Your baby will get annoyed and probably spit up more than other babies but he'll be fine.

Haily&melanie’s M 2 likes

I've heard that when they hiccup it's cause they are cold or they got a wet diaper. My mother told me this I ddnt know and when I noticed Lo will hiccup I will check her diaper and she'll stop once she had a dry one on. Also I would keep her warm when she was cold and it will go away hope this works for you.

R S 1 like

It is normal, 2 of my dds had them for the first couple of months

R S 1 like

One of them was born with it

Kayla W 1 like

They don't bother me that much I was just curious as to if it happens a bunch

Kari 5 likes

My son had the hiccups about 3-4 times a day in the womb and they followed him out, he still gets them that often. Doctor keeps telling me it's just his lungs learning how to work still. It doesn't seem to bother him, unless it happens when he's trying to fall asleep.

Marisa 1 like

Totally normal. I remember feeling LO doing it all the time while pregnant. It was her practicing her swallowing. Hiccups are totally normal the older they get the less they come around.

Karrie H 1 like

It's normal . You can buy some gripe water . It definitely gets rid of it fast.

Ashley B 1 like

my son is 5 months and still gets the hiccups often, but not as often as when he was a newborn. He also had them multiple times a day in the womb lol. Normal!!

Ashley B 2 likes

Breastfeeding makes my LO's hiccups go away:)

Marianne M 1 like

That's normal. Most babies get them and just outgrow it. It won't hurt her. Baby hiccups aren't like our hiccups. She probably got them in the womb, too. If my lo (6 was early) got them, I'd nurse and they usually went away. Helps limit air intake and being close regulates the breathing.

Brooklyns M 1 like

Completely normal, my Lo got it all the time for the first few months

Mommaofkj j 1 like

Its just the baby learning and adapting to life outside the womb like lung wise so its normal thats what i was told our son even had the hiccups in my stomach and hes 14 months and still hiccups sometimes but as newborns its just the body adapting to the world outside the tummy

AshleyNicole B 1 like

My baby was late but she had them all them time...

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