My baby is 18 days old and I just had to switch to a supplement. I feel like complete shit about it. I've struggled with breastfeeding since the first latch an hour after he was born. I wasn't ready to give up but it was so late and he was so hungry. Idk if I'm just a piece of shit for my body not making enough milk or if it's the sincere lack of sleep. I feel like im feeding him poison and that I'm a terrible mother. I have giant boobs and can't make milk. :,( just need support <\3

Bugs Mom 3 likes

Liz please don't feel bad. It sucks yes but it's not your fault. If you want you can pump and still give him your milk have you tried a nipple shield? I had to use one.

L M 5 likes

Why is the fact that you can or can't breastfeed make you a piece of shit? You're not. There are millions of mothers who cannot, or choose not to and that's perfectly fine. Don't be so hard on yourself. Either way, you have a healthy 18 day old who is still getting everything he/she needs to live a healthy and happy life. Also, I feed my son formula and I don't believe it to be "poison" I also couldn't breastfeed, that doesn't make me a terrible mother.

Ashley B 3 likes

I'm in the same boat. Hang in there momma! Formula isn't poison, it's actually very nutritious. I have to start supplementing because my body just won't produce enough milk. Your LO will grow up happy and healthy regardless of if they drink Breastmilk or formula.

Liz P 3 likes

I've tried pumping, nipple shields, lactation consultants. Everything. My son just freaks out and whips his head around and screams and wants to eat every hour and a half. It's exhausting and time consuming and I don't sleep Because he's so hungry all the time. I just hope he got what he needed from the first two weeks of breast milk. I just want the best and pictured myself BF for 4 months so it's so hard to accept anything else :(

Chantelle G 2 likes

I couldn't bf with my first she was born at 23 weeks, I pumped and eventually the hospital had to start supplementing formula. My doc even gave me an rx for meds that help lactation and still nothing my body wasn't ready and I was completely stressed out! As long as your lo is getting what it needs don't be so hard on yourself!! You can ask a lactation consultant for help if your not ready to give up just yet! Good luck momma

Perfectly M 0 likes

You could make milk! There are only a few rare instances where somebody seriously medically cannot make any. You could've done it with more support and a lactation consultant. But don't feel bad for giving up. A lot of people do.

Bugs Mom 2 likes

You tried mamma. That's all that matters. You did good. Don't hate yourself or your body for it. It will just make it harder on you. I had to quit after 7 months of ebf and it was and is the hardest thing ever. You have mommas behind you that will support you and are here if you need anything. Knowing I have the support and that I did the best I could I feel a little better and it gets easier

Cara Y 1 like

At 18days I almost lost my supply, had to start with formula. I also felt like a useless piece of shit. I felt like that because one thing that my breasts are meant for, and they couldn't do it, I was so mad at myself! So I started pumping like crazy with my manual pump, and I found a recipe on for lactation cookies. Got my supply back up. But it's still not enough for my 6 week old. I still have to give him some formula. But at least he is still getting some BM! You are amazing!!

Cara Y 2 likes

And don't let anyone tell you different. Even if you just pump what you can and bottle feed him that it's still better then nothing, and formula isn't too bad. I just remind myself that it's what's making him strong and healthy. And at 6 weeks old, my little man is amazing, even his Dr is impressed!! Just remember you are NOT a bad mom because you are feeding your child: you would be a bad mom if you just didn't feed him at all.

Marianne M 2 likes

It's normal for them the to eat all the time. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. If you choose to supplement, then do that. You can bf during the day and supplement at night. At least he's still getting your breastmilk and you don't gave to feel bad at all.

Julia T 3 likes

I was like that to when I decided to supplement. I though I am going to BF for like a year! And I had to supplement after 2 weeks as my baby wasn't gaining weight at all and it was dangerous. I was also extremely exhausted cause I fed her 24/7, did not sleep or eat at all and she was still hungry. I bought a formula and started to supplement and my baby started to get better, gain weight, sleep at night and just be extremely happy. I still BF and pump as much as I can cause its good for them.

Angie . 2 likes

I went through everything too I struggled for 8 weeks with a hungry baby who didn't sleep all the professionals told me to formula Fred. You have to feed your baby and if supplements it what is best for your baby you gotta do it! I cried a lot but it got easier and easier and now he's 13 months an so happy healthy and beautiful I don't even think about it anymore

Savannah L 2 likes

Stay strong ! My lo is five months and only on formula now for a few reasons. It gets easier !

Holy M 3 likes

Have you tried to eat oat milk with milk and sugar for breakfast, also green beans, and two glass of water before and after feelings? It works! :) Good luck!

Wendy 1 like

I had the same problem, just relax and look at your baby and know that you are doing the best that you can do! A beautiful healthy baby that just needs mom, and that knows you would never do anything less than perfect to keep them safe and healthy

Flower U 1 like

Look! Is not your fault, you try and try and didnt work! Oh well your being a great mom! You care about ur LO and that is what matters. Be proud of ur self for choice life

Elizabeth . 1 like

I'm sorry you're struggling. Formula is not poison and there are many benefits to bottle feeding. Do a little research between brands and you will feel proactive when you choose the formula best suited for your baby (gentle on tummy, less sucrose, etc).

immortelle 1 like

I ended up supplementing too Bcs LO is on the small side and she had jaundice. Tbh it was good to be able to supplement Bcs it upset me everytime she cried Bcs she was hungry. I'd take a happy baby who is gaining weight real well any day

Sarah F 1 like

Hunny your not pos keep pumping and feeding him your supply with make more and continue keep doing it as long as you have milk I had to give my baby formula too and I felt so horrible she would cry at night it was so sad I started feeding her food and now she is doing great! So don't feel bad it happens :)

Liz P 1 like

Thank you all so Much. This support means the world to me. I'm still pumping and adding formula and he seems so much happier and is sleeping longer. This is the best app I've ever downloaded. <3 thank you all

Julia T 1 like

Btw there are a lot of benefits to formula, if you bottle feed (BM or formula), it's easier to know how much your baby is actually eating. It's easier then to start putting your baby on schedule. The baby will be more satisfied and not hungry and will sleep through the night. It will be easier for both of you! As somebody already mentioned here, my doc got also very excited about how much weight did she gain and commented that she is extremely healthy baby! Underweight baby = sick baby!!!

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