My baby hates pants. All of the pants. It's going to be a long winter lol.

Kara P 1 like

Oh no! Hopefully it's just a very short lived phase!

J K 4 likes

I hate pants, too. Lol

Emily, R 2 likes

Ha my baby hates hats and he's 9 months and bald as a biscuit! It's going to be a tough winter here too!

Lexi M 1 like

Mine hates pants too haha. He throws a huge fit when I ask him if he wanted to get dressed. Thank god we live in Cali and don't have to worry about it much. But I still dress him every day so it doesn't turn into a worse mess.

Steph P 1 like

My daughter hates clothes. Shes happy in just her undies. Shes 3 now πŸ™ˆ

Stephanie D 0 likes

Lol we have a bunch of exhibitionist babies! My son is just shy of 9 months old and he just hates clothes but especially pants lol. He fights me on onesies but once I get his arms in he's fine. But if I try to put pants on him he has a meltdown! We might have a month before it gets cold. I hope the anti pants movement ceases soon!

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