My baby girl is almost 5Months and I was wondering when should we get her ears pierced ?

Booger B 0 likes

Maybe 8 months

Brenda S 2 likes

3 months is just fine

Angel M 2 likes

There's no set time for that. Whenever you feel she is ready. Keep in mind though, she will prob pull on her ears a lot after and pulling out the earring could be hazardous

Amber H 1 like

I just don't want to go to early; )

Shayna B 0 likes

No set time. I personally would wait for her to tell you that she wants her ears pierced and can care for them herself. But to each their own.

Danielle P 0 likes

I'm doing my LO at 1 year

Kathleen N 0 likes

I'm getting my little girls ears pierced next month she'll be 7 months. I've been wanting to get her ears pierced since she was 3 months but just have putting it off lol

Sunshine F 1 like

U can do it at 3 months. Do it at the doctor's office it's safe.

Scarlett and Brooklynn's M 0 likes

I did 7 months but would probably go around 5 months next time because she was so wiggly and strong by 7 mths. My daughter is now 17 months and has just started to notice them! It is sad to think you are inflicting unnecessary pain but it only lasts about 5 minutes

Yudi P 0 likes

I did my both daughters when they were about 4 months and I think this is a perfect time cause they are a little strong as the same time they can't realize what is happening so they won't go to touch their ears

Emily S 0 likes

I would wait until she can decide! It's HER body! So maybe at 6 YEARS or so!

Rachael B 1 like

I got my daughters done when she was 2 months. Right after she got her shots. I think it's best to do it young because they won't play with the earrings and possibly get infections and what not :)

J L 4 likes

13 years old. When she can make the decision for herself?

Theresa B 0 likes

I got mine done when I was a month old. There is no set time, just when you think she is ready.

Rebeca F 0 likes

I did my daughter at 4 months. I took her to her pediatrician and they numbed her ears and she didn't cry at all! I was more worried than her. They only charger $25 and considering its at a doctors office I felt that was the best place to do it. So far no problems with it. She doesn't pull her ears so I wasn't worried about that. Good luck!

Kaitria W 0 likes

They say not till they are 6 or 9 months. But like someone said if you get them done earlier they won't mess with them, because my daughter would always take hers out. She was 9 months. As long as you keep them clean. I don't see why u should have to wait.

Kris C 0 likes

3 months is fine

Christie M 0 likes

I got my daughters pierced at 5 months and she was fine

Melissa C 0 likes

The earlier the better my doctor said.

Jana R 0 likes

If you're going to do it, (I decided not to), I would recommend between 3-6 months because then they are less likely to grab and pull at their earrings and get them infected.

Liz✨ 0 likes

My baby was only 3 weeks when we got hers done. It was awesome! No crying at all! The people at the jewelry place said that they recommend after her 6 weeks immunizations but it was up to me, and they wouldn't be responsible for any infections before the 6 weeks... But thankfully, it was all good! No infections and no crying! 👏

Jessica C 0 likes

When she wont tug or pull on her ears.

Amber H 1 like

Thanks Evey one we well get them done next weekebd

Amber H 0 likes


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