My babies acne is getting really bad , it's all over his body and it kinda looks like the ones on his face are scabbing up. Is it supposed to look like this?

Amber B 1 like

Does he have a fever or being cranky? I'd be checking it out with a doctor if it's all over. Babies get lots of rashes but I'd still get it checked out.

Serenity K 0 likes

I went to the doctor on Sunday he didn't say anything about it, he gave me a sample cream to try on a little part of the rash but I think it made it worse so I stopped using it. He doesn't have a fever but he is colicky so that's where the crankiness comes from.

Carlye M 1 like

My daughters looked just like that for about 2 weeks. It's finally gone. It's very common for infants. It bugs us more then the babies! Try not to bother with it too much, it should go away on its own.

Larissa A 2 likes

You could try a oat meal bath. We did that with our daughter and it helped her out a lot. Even now she's cleared up but I still do a oatmeal bath once every two weeks

Serenity K 0 likes

How much oatmeal do I put in his bath? And how long did it take for it to clear up??

Jodie S 2 likes

Try coconut oil! Find it in the health food store, you can use that on diaper rashes, lotion, cook with it! It's really the best

Deann S 0 likes

This might eczema get some hydrocortisone

Irene A 0 likes

My daughter had it...what worked for us was to wash her face, keep it clean and moisturized and lower the temperate in the house... Warmer it got the worse it became...within days it went away...we keep a fan near her all the time.

Jennifer G 0 likes

My baby done that and it was cuz I changed the washing detergent it was all over his body have you used anything new here lately

Ashley H 0 likes

My baby had bad acne like this. So I started to wash his face everyday with Johnson's Johnson's natural baby wash and it cleared up within a week.

Serenity K 0 likes

No I haven't used anything new I'm using ivory laundry detergent and okay I will try the Johnson's natural wash

Larissa A 0 likes

We put I think a tablespoon in her bath when we first did it.

Christie L 0 likes

My second daughter had terrible baby acne! It goes away on its own. If there are terrible spots, you can put a very low dose of a hydrocortisone cream on it. That's what my pediatrician recommended. It's not pretty? But it doesn't bother your little one at all !

Bethy D 0 likes

This looks like eczema. My daughter has it and Cetaphil wash and lotion works for her. Also when bathing use room temperature water too warm will dry out the skin and that can cause breakouts. Cortizone 10 also helped clearup rash. Stop using all other products on his skin, only use eczema products. My baby broke out after using regular baby wash :/

Ciara B 0 likes

Have u tried changing the detergent? And/or bath soap? I'm switching to Honest Products by Jessica Alba. Google it & the site will come right up. It has everything from shampoo, dish soap, laundry detergent, floor cleaner, counter cleaner, diapers, baby wipes, etc.... EVERYTHING is organic, chemical free, no sulfates, etc. Check it out Hope this helps, Ciara

Michelle B 0 likes

Use the aveeno eczema cream

Erin S 0 likes

My six week old looks the very same right now. I was told not to put anything on it and it will go away, just takes time.

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