My almost 3 yr old has been going to school/daycare 2x/wk since the summer time and has been sick about every other to every two months. When he gets sick it lasts for about two months and of course our baby girl (8 mths) gets sick too. Is this normal? Like we pay for this and he ends up missing some days because he gets sick sooo often

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My oldest is the same way, he's been going through this since he was really young & he’s turning 6yrs. next mo. the dr. doesn't have much to say ....following

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It is normal. Try to give immunity boosting food. I had this issue with my daughter. I give her echinacea three times a week (more when sick). Elderberry Syrup (careful as some have honey not for under 1yr) I also give 5mg of zinc when I feel she might not be feeling the best. We eat lots of berries and probiotics are a daily must along with multi vitamin with Vitamin D. Good luck ladies.

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Sending your chid to daycare is a great way to build their immune system!! Getting sick is part of the deal. I've Worked at a daycare for 14 years.. I've Noticed my part timers (2-3 days a week) are always sicker than my full timers. So many germs. Body is just learning how to fight them off 😊

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My babies went to day care about that age and got sick allllll the time! We were in the doctors office a lot and had to hospital admission For each of them before 3years old! Now they are 6(never sick anymore! *knocks on wood) and 4 (never Ever sick) I swear it helped build their immun system. I have a two year old who isn't In any kind of daycare and a 9 month old so I'm A little nervous for them. I think it helps for them to be with other kids at that age. I know it sucks so bad. I'm Sorry ❀️

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It happened a lot to my 3 year old when he started school too.. he was sick every 2 weeks and then he would have to miss most of the week. He will get used to it tho my 4 year old is doing a lot better now this school year... he still gets sick but now it's only like once a month!

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