My 9 month old baby is sick for the first time with what seems to be a common cold. Runny nose, sneezing, and slight cough. Any suggestions on how to help her feel better faster? So far all I've done is the saline drops and cleaned out all her snot real good. I haven't gave her any tylonal because her temp is normal.

Lynn N 1 like

Warm bath, warm clothes and fresh air if it's above 50.

Julia J 4 likes

Try cool mist humidifier in the room while baby sleeps. If baby sleeps in crib try pitting a rolled up towel under matters to raise slightly, it helps with congestion while sleeping. Extra hugs and kisses help too and just watch those diapers, minimum if 6 wet per day to avoid dehydration. Good luck momma :-) it takes about two weeks for this stuff to dry up so just hang in there.

MAMA B 1 like

Nice wArm bath give her cuddles let her sleep when she wants too!! Make sure she's drinking lots!! And I would give her Motrin or Advil I she gets a fever sometimes tylenol doesn't do the trick, or with some kids it does opposite and makes them hyper!! But don't give her anything else bc she needs to fight this cold alone so when he happens again her body knows what to do!! Lots of hugs momma

Brindley M 1 like

Baby Vicks (bc regular is still too strong!) on the feet then socks on... Helps the coughing tremendously. With in 15 min of doing that for my oldest get cough settles.

Amanda E 1 like

Vapor bath !! It's amazing and will clear her up from congestion and sooth her and allow her to relax and sleep :-)

J S 1 like

Feed lots of breast milk if you can. Ibuprofen if she seems achy. Humidifier. My kids have always hated baby Vicks.

Candice B 1 like

Humidifiers r great. Put a towel under one side of the crib to help drain mucus. Also we would put the shower on hot and make a sauna before bath time. Just stripped him down to a diaper and played for 10-15 minutes. Then fill the tub and do bath as usual. Helps drain things out. Saline before bed and naps

Candice B 1 like

My pediatrician suggested Baby Vicks on the bottom of the feet so they can't rub it off, massage and cover with socks before bed. Now I put some on his chestπŸ‘

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