My 7 month old sleeps alone in her crib .. I'm terrified of SIDS so I refuse to give her a blanket especially because she likes to pull it over her head and hides ... She absolutely hates swaddles because she doesn't like her arms and legs being restrained .. Any ideas of what I can do to keep her warm?

BoyMom 2 likes

You can put her in warm pjs and put a wearable blanket on :)

Coryn P 2 likes

We use footie pajamas that are nice and warm. You can also try a sleep sack :)

Stephanie M 0 likes

My son is 8 months old and we give him a light weigh blanket that he can breath through.

Jen B 0 likes

I use sleep sacs for my 7 month old.. U can buy super warm ones where arms are free :)

Jenn M 0 likes

Thick warm sleeper. If I'm not mistaken SIDS shouldn't be a concern after 4 months.

Amy M 4 likes

Halo sleep sacks! I love them.

Melanie W 0 likes

I agree with Coryn. A sleep sack or fleece footie jammies

Brittany B 1 like

Sleep sack!

Monica O 0 likes

My baby is 8 months old and ever since she was like 2 or 3 months old she would always cover her face. What I did was pull it off her nose when she's sleeping or I'd give her one of her blankets that were hand made because they have lots of holes in them

Linsi M 4 likes

We do fleece pajamas & a fleece Halo sleep sack. We've been using the sleep sacks since our girls were 3 months & they make them to a size 5T so I'm planning ok using them until they start staying under a blanket

Jordan B 0 likes

If your bby can pick up it's owe head you should be fine

Aprilbaby 2 likes

Halo sleep sacks. Pjs and socks

Christina W 0 likes

Past six months the chance of SIDS gets significantly lower. If you are concerned especially it being just do warm pjs and a small heater in the room :).

C L 0 likes

You can always bump up the heat a bit at night! Or if you wanted to use a blankie since your LO likes them so much, Aden+Anais makes really nice bamboo swaddle blankets that are really lightweight. My LO takes naps with them over his face. It's the only way he sleeps! They are very breathable. Or use a light blanket with holes. But in a warm house with warm footie pajamas, your LO should stay plenty warm. :)

Marianne M 1 like

Sleep sacks! Just zip her up (with or with out arms in) and she'll be toasty warm. I always did a long sleeve onsie underneath, bc my LO always wanted her arms out, too.

Perfectly M 0 likes

Just do warm pjs. Last night was super cold so my daughter had on a onesie socks and long sleeve thick winter footsie jamas. She was toasty.

Kirstyn B 0 likes

The risk of your child getting sids at 7 months is very low. If your baby can roll over an lift her head on her own then she is perfectly fine. Give the baby a blanket. #mother of 3

Kacy D 0 likes

Walmart has wearable blankets with sleeves for like $7. They are a fleece material.

Elena M 0 likes

Wearable blanket/ sleep sack

Alexis K 0 likes

I put a onesie on and on top of that i put on nice comfy footsie pajamas. My son gets so warm that he actually kicks his little blanket off of him

Janine W 0 likes

Sleep sacks are perfect!

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