My 7 days old DAUGHTER is always hungry I breastfeed her for 25 mns each breast and I know she's getting milk because she's dripping from her mouth!! What should I do?

Dulce M 1 like

Give her formula if shes not full make sure she empties both breast

Jordan C 5 likes

Continue what your doing! Breastfed babies will nurse very frequently. When there hungry, tired, or just want a human pacifier :) Just keep nursing on demand, your milk supply may not even be fully in yet. The more you breastfeed the more milk you will produce.

Mommy M 1 like

Pacifier may be she is using you as pacifier ..that what I did ..

JVP 2 likes

If you know she's getting enough milk then you may want to give her a pacifier. She may be using you for comfort. (:

Allyson P 2 likes

My doctor said they eat every 2 hours but my LO emptied both sides every hour and half. Nothing wrong with it! It takes time but you know your baby is getting the best!

Rhys' M 1 like

Continue what you're doing. Are you sure she's hungry? Maybe just needs something to suck on like a pacifier?

Kwamasia C 1 like

Start giving her formula it's not enough milk

Brooke J 1 like

Are you sure she's still hungry. She could be cluster feeding. My LO was the same for like a month. She just wanted to eat all day but was exhausting. If you do decide so give formula as I did the fist couple months with my daughter. Make sure you pump so your supply doesn't get low

Amber N 1 like

That is normal for the beginning. All baby wants to do is breastfeed. If you want to continue to breastfeed exclusively just put the time in now it will slow down eventually. Every baby is different. But usually in the beginning they require much more time attention and feedings.

Ri R 4 likes

She's still a slow eater! Once she gets the hang of it, she'll be on there for 5 minutes each side and is done. Hang in there!

Brianna 1 like

Continue what you are doing! Babies don't know anything but their mommys boob, being that young! It gets easier in time! I was so exhausted when mine were NB but I'm so happy I never gave up because I was able to BF my kids until they wanted to stop!

Danielle 2 likes

Don't give up!! It will get better and easier each day :)

Ashley C 2 likes

Do ever think you are not producing enough milk, for God sakes I am still Brest feeding and I have 9 month old full term twins lol, it is crazy what our bodies can do, Brest fed babies do eat more frequently than formula babies do, Brest milk is also healthier for them, when they go through growth spurts the May ask to eat every half an hour, if you pediatrician does not think the babies weight gain is sufficient, then I could see supplementing

Rhianna W 3 likes

My LO barely left my boob for the first two weeks of life! Keep on doing exactly what you're doing, it's totally normal for newborns to nurse constantly!! ❤️

Ashley C 1 like

You could have your little one checked for lip or young tie many babies nurse for about 7 minutes to 25 minutest, if there is a concern about how much milk you make use a pump and see how much you actually get

Mommy To L 1 like

Do not give her formula! If u want a great supply u keep her attached to you all day for 6 weeks it sucks but it's what is best for her and you to get a supply going! Do not give in and feed her formula. Breast milk soaks in fast so she's probably really wanting that milk and she enjoys using you as a paci don't stop

Mommy To L 1 like

And a pump will not tell u anything about ur supply!

Logan's M 1 like

I couldn't have said it better than Mommy to Luna Bae

Nicole 1 like

She may be using you as comfort

Z's MOM❤️ 0 likes

Thank you moms

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