My 6 week old baby seem to have trouble with her "pooping" should I change formulas?

Samantha K 0 likes

Both of my kids had this issue. Like They forgot how to use the right muscles. Luckily my daughter figured it out again after about one week. My son did not and I ended up taking him to a chiropractor that specialized in babies and it really helped! Spendy but worth it

Aprilbaby 0 likes

How long have you been using that formula? And how long has she had trouble?

N 0 likes

Maybe add a little more water. Maybe you are packing the scoops of formula a little tight.

Jessica H 0 likes

Depends on how long you have been using the formula, I had to change my sons formula 4 different times before we found the "perfect" one. A specialist I went too even suggested putting about a quarter ounce of diluted juice into every 4 ounces of formula to try and help.

mommy k 0 likes

I called my pediatrician and asked this when my son was that age. they said to keep with it that it was completely normal for that age.

Ashley F 0 likes

Organic Probiotics , avoid apple juice and bananas

Liz C 0 likes

I switched formula at 3 weeks because my daughter had bad constipation and the formula helped. I switched from similac to GoodStart with probiotics. I also put probiotic drops in the formula sometimes. No more constipation. The drops I get are BioGai. Not sure if they have BioGai and GoodStart in US though. I'm in canada.

Koriann T 0 likes

Constipation is normal as long as it is happening at least once a week. Sounds terrible, but that's what two doctors told me.

Jenny W 0 likes

We gave our 8 weeks old daughter 2.5ml prone juice when she was a bit constipated. Worked great for her.

Chey-Ann L 0 likes

As long as baby it still burping and it's okay. My DD's Dr said if she was gassy to try a teaspoon of brown sugar in her bottles and it worked amazing for her. I just don't recommend doing it in the bed time bottle until used to it cause your baby won't sleep :p

Chey-Ann L 0 likes

Oops burping and farting

Tiffany M 0 likes

I'm a nurse, what I do is take a q tip dab baby oil on it and slightly insert into rectum it will activate the nerves to push the constipation out

Gabriela L 0 likes

Try a little bit of warm water before the milk, also apple sauce would work great.

L A 0 likes

My son had the same problem for two months. I just massaged his belly and did bicycles with his legs and that helped most of the time. The doctor said its normal at the age. Just remember if you do decided to change formula you need to use it for 2 to 3 weeks to see a result with the baby!

Kate M 0 likes

Nutramagen is a miracle and once we switched to this my son was cured of all his pooping issues! Good luck!

Amanda M 0 likes

The problem isn't constipation. She goes all red and forces them out but most the time they are really runny. I was putting more formula in but my midwife said that's a big no no. This is my second child and I feel so new. My first was such a text book baby

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