My 6 week LO is fussy every night between 6:30-9. I'm guessing he is colicky. He just cries. I have tried gripe water and gas drops. Neither seem to help at all. Looking for ways to help sooth him.

Francine E 0 likes

Where is he sleeping? By you or alone?

Carolynn V 2 likes

Sorry to say that is typical "fussy time". Most young babies go through a time where every day at roughly the same time they just fuss. I think it's kind of a phenomenon, no one really knows why. just do the best that you can but know that it is normal

Samantha M 3 likes

Witching hours! My son did the same and I found that if I had him asleep before that time he would sleep through it!

Amanda G 1 like

I agree with carolynn. My Lo was the same way around that age and actually at the same time of day yours is. We just tried our best to give her a little extra love/attention. I would rock her a little, hold her and walk around while bouncing a little, was always doing the "shhhh" in her ears. Sometimes I would just walk around and calmly talk about random things in almost a whisper. Seemed to help relax her.

?Amanda? B 1 like

My daughter loves her baths so she gets it during her fussy time.

JVP 1 like

Camomile tea for gas(:

Olja V 1 like

Agree with carolynn:) my LO is the same!

Ash W 1 like

It's the bewitching hours where the little one is tired but doesn't want to sleep, or at least that's the case for my little guy.

Amanda G 0 likes

If you have time to read this might help:

Kim E 0 likes

Oh yeah, gotta have that fussy hour. It's crazy bc my daughter is 9mo and I've already forgotten about that until I read this. It all goes by so fast and then we deal with new issues...time flies and remember it only lasts a short time. ;)

L F 0 likes

Same here...went through that with my LO. Good news - it gets better! Had luck using ColicCalm homeopathic during this time.

Saba S 0 likes

Turn your shower on. Apparently the noise reminds them of the womb. He'll zone out on the noise and hopefully won't cry! Best of luck!

L F 1 like

Agree with Amanda G - I read "Happiest Baby on the Block" and it was a huge help. Based on the book, I bought the baby shusher and its a miracle worker for my LO even now!

Vickie P 0 likes

Mine did that too from about 2-3 weeks old until 3 months...from 7-10 at night for different periods of time, sometimes an hour, sometimes 3 hours... I would just hold him, rock him, and walk around with him till he stopped.

Elsa L 0 likes

My daughter went through the same thing. I would hold her and sing to her. Also, we had to change her formula. After that, she felt much better. Good luck!

Crystal H 0 likes

Rock him

Crystal H 0 likes

And enjoy it, you will miss it!!

Christine J 0 likes

Thank you everyone for great advice! Will definitely have to give them a try. Francine- he sleeps in a rock n' play right by my side of the bed, during the day I have him usual with me or in a bouncer or pack n' play

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