My 5 year old having 101-103 fever for 3 days, I took him to the doctor, she said its just a virus.. he has a sore throat. No strep. No runny nose/cough.. im still worrying .. because usually ibuprofen or tylenol helps . But not this time.. any recommendations or thoughts ? Tia

Lex 1 like

My LO will be five tmrw and we're dealing with the same thing!! Medicine usually brings the fever down but nothings working. Day two of this week. Last week was a fever and ear infection.

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Cool/cold wash cloths on shoulders and forehead

Aline C 1 like

Theres cool gel pads you can put on the forehead for kids. Also, you can ask the doctor to prescribe a stronger dose of Tylenol/ibuprofen

Nata C 1 like

What I know that if a child has a fever for more than 3 days and nothing really helps, there is more going on. My son had silent pneumonia a few month ago. He didn't have the symptoms my husband had. If he isn't playing, eating and still has fever than advocate for your son, take him back for a consult or second opinion.

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