My 3 year old has allergies. Do any of your kids take over the counter meds? The doctor wants to see her and I'm not sure if I should take her in.

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For seasonal allergies mine have taken Claritin, Allegra or zertyk since 1 year old. We also do local honey and I just found a homeopathic one called histaminum hydrochloricum. We ritate what over the counter one per year so they don't get immune to it

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Just started my 13 month old in Zyrtec and it's helped so much.

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Ben takes Cingular (singular?) It's an allergy chewable. He takes it every night

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Yep. My 3 year old takes Xyzal or Zyrtec every day.

Elli B 1 like

Mine started on Zyrtec around 1

Christie M 1 like

We took our kids in because those meds are costly. Our oldest has been on and off 3 types of allergy meds at once. Our youngest is one 2 and he's 4.

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