My 3 month old daughter has been teething for a few weeks now. She's been really whinny and grumpy the last few days because of the pain. She sucks her hands/arm constantly and anything she can get her mouth on lol she drools like crazy, etc. Any suggestions to help ease her pain since she's too young to comprehend holding a tether in her mouth and she can't have most meds at this age.

Nicole 4 likes

Tylenol, frozen wash cloth, tethers, cold pacifier, rubbing her gums

Holly T 0 likes

Thanks Nikki. I gave her Tylenol once but it didn't seem to help much and I don't want to give it to her everyday. I rub her gums but she can't hold the teethers in her mouth so those don't work and thought about the cold wash cloth but seemed like it'd make her cold lol

Ariana Z 3 likes

I use the amber necklace on my LO and she loves it, doesn't even know she's wearing it and I barely give her Tylenol now

Tania C 0 likes

Give her the ice pops that help to keep her mouth numb and she will love it or frozen fruit too!!!

Jessica B 1 like

Frozen washcloth to suck on

Micah W 0 likes

Teething tablets work great too!

Holly T 0 likes

Thanks πŸ˜ƒ

Kerry S 2 likes

I put an amber teething necklace on my dd at 3 months old drooling went away completely and when there was still days with pain I would give her hylands teething tabs if got them at Walmart. They were amazing

Holly T 0 likes

Thanks Kerry

Maryann D 1 like

My LO's favorite thing was my finger at that age. I always washed my hands before of course. But as their mom you know best where it hurts and they will kind of direct your finger to where they want pressure.

Holly T 0 likes

Yeah that's what I've been letting her do, "chew" on my finger/knuckle. Lol

Wendy S 1 like

We use the Baltic amber teething necklace as well. Our son cut two bottom teeth and we didn't even know it!

Jessica S 1 like

She can have infant Tylenol ask the divine for how much she can be given also bet teething bracelets or necklaces work amazing

Michelle L 1 like

I use a.frozen wash cloth which helped

Holly T 0 likes

Thank you πŸ˜ƒ

Lish G 1 like

Hylands !

Holly T 0 likes

Do the hylands teething tabs work good?

Christina P 1 like

I found Motrin worked better than Tylenol for my baby. And oragel also gave instant relief. I also use the amber necklace. He hated the teething rings (I think I bought every kind out there in desperation) or anything cold. He'd rather chew on my couch. With mine it seems one thing will work one time but not the next. Teething suck!

Holly T 1 like

She's too young for Orajel πŸ˜” after reading about hylands I changed my mind. Maybe I'll just ride it out. Better safe than sorry!

Chelsie M 1 like

I used a cold baby cloth for my girl it worked when she was younger.

Holly T 1 like

I'm going to try that and rubbing it with my finger

Caroline W 1 like

My son likes those teething rings that can be frozen. He likes them room temperature.

Melly's M 1 like

I'm going through this with my 3mo, since she still can't grab the teething ring, we started putting her pacis in the fridge. This helped soothe her

Holly T 0 likes

Thank you πŸ˜ƒ

Paige B 0 likes

She is so cuuuuute!! Mine likes that numbing gel. It freaks her out at first but then she falls asleep from relief. I tried it before I have it to her and it was pretty powerful.. My gums went totally numb. But she seems to like it.

Kacie S 0 likes

Hylands teething tablets. All natural. My son started teething at the same age, in fact 2 bottoms just popped through! Finally is dissolve the tablets in a tsp of water like the bottle says put it in his medicine paci and boom 3 minutes later no more pain or fuss

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