My 2 year old is completely on her own schedule she goes to sleep when she wants and wakes up when she wants. If I try and put her to bed earlier she screams. She screams for her iPad so she can play on it before she goes to bed. I'm EXHAUSTED. I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in awhile. Idk what to do. She runs the show. I don't like her screaming or crying too late because I think our neighbors can hear her. 😩

Gena E 1 like

Start making her nap time earlier in the day and shorter. Then set a timer in her iPad that says she can't play it after a certain time. I would also tell her that if she is too loud with her screaming, that she will lose time on it. She wants you to run the show. It will get easier I promise!! Good luck!

Caroline W 1 like

That's tough. You need your sleep, too. My only thought is that if you eventually relent because you understandably have run out of steam, she gets the message that screaming gets her what she wants. Do you think she would negotiate with you? IPad for 10min and then lights or no iPad at all she chooses. IDK really, just a thought. Stick to your guns even though it's exhausting.

Carolina C 0 likes

Thank you I'll try it out. Yes I know I gotta stick to my guns it's just so difficult. When she screams I feel like the whole world can hear her. 😫

Carolina C 0 likes

Thanks Gena! I appreciate the advice.

Shayna B 2 likes

My daughter plays on my iPod and screams if she doesn't get it. I tell her at night that she gets 5 more minutes then count down and then at 830 I tell her ok it's bedtime and I put her choice of cartoon on and if she cries for her iPod I threaten to turn her favorite cartoon off and that usually helps and In the morning when he gets up if she's up before 7 I tell her to lay with me and play on the iPod so she's quiet until 7 so everyone in my house can sleep. Dnt worry about ur neighbors.

Shayna B 1 like

They will get over it. My neighbors haven't said anything about my daughter and she's super loud

Joy J 0 likes

Keep going mama! That little girl of yours is counting on you to win these battles! My little one is exhausting to say the least, but I take a deep breath, refocus, and stand my ground when she challenges me. If I don't win these power struggles now she will lose out in life later.

Julissa C 0 likes

Your neighbors also have to understand that you have a child. My daughter acts like I'm killing her when I tell her go to sleep but I'm the boss! I make it up to my older neighbor in other ways.

Courtney J 0 likes

For one, take away the iPad for a 2 year old altogether! Why does a 2 year old need an iPad? Electronics before bedtime can make a child more awake, and wired. Start reading to her before bedtime. Bedtime stories will be calming and get her mind ready to slow down and get sleepy.

Momof 4 1 like

I know it is easier said then done sometimes but you need to dictate the schedule for her, kids need boundaries and rules even though they fight us and push boundaries that's how they feel safe , knowing what to expect next , maybe start with a small snack, then a bath I use the Johnson's bedtime wash, then maybe a bedtime story then bed, I wouldn't recommend keeping the tv on that might keep her stimulated but an alternative could be a radio and a night light, our 2yr old has that and it works

Momof 4 0 likes

For her, complete silence might not work then every noise she hears could stir her, good luck, be consistent and show her that you are the one who makes the rules, it will probably get worst before it will get better but she really will benefit from structure and boundaries

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