My 13 month old poops 4+ times a day since drinking whole milk. She is getting a bad rash as well. Not sure if this in an intolerance... has anyone experienced this. What are your favorite milk substitutes. I picked up pea milk but was $7 for 2 litres! My middle child drank almond milk... but I'm Worried there's Not enough far and protein in it for a one year old....

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Could Be intolerance . Or child’s body just getting Used to it.. my kid had the same reaction . Im giving him enfagrow vanilla powder formula with every meal (3x4oz per day). He likes it

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My kids drink almond milk, and soy milk. Protein can be found in other non-animal sources. Sounds like an allergy or intolerance.

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I would maybe switch to 2% and see if that helps. Whole milk upsets my daughter's stomach. We also had to start buying lactaid milk and now she's fine.

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You can Try lactaid ( lactose free)milk. Otherwise LO may be allergic altogether . Does LO eat other forms of dairy without issue?

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