My 13 month old has a milk allergy or so they thought so she was on dairy for a month, just had her tested again and it came up positive so they are sending me to a pediatric gastronologist. Have has anyone been to one? Should I be worried? It's difficult to know for sure just by reading online

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Sorry meant diary free for a monrh

Keiko Z 2 likes

We went to 2 different pediatric GIs for our son's reflux. 1 was a bit alarmist and ordered a ton of tests we just weren't comfortable with having done on our 5 month old. The 2nd was more realistic and worked with us instead of against us. My advice: if you don't feel comfortable or get a bad vibe, find another doc.

Kristina F 1 like

Agree with her . My 7 month goes to one for reflux & they believe she's milk allergies too. They may just do an MRI or a small test & have you switch milks. My daughter on nutragian. (Spelled wrong sorry) but they make for toddlers to now.

Christine B 0 likes

Thank you! I forgot to mention that she had reflux but we took her off meds at 8 mo and she did fine so maybe it's just reflux still? I'm so nervous about a scope. Did you have to do that? Thanks

Rebecca C 1 like

We go to one now for food allergies and they didn't have to do any tests on him at all. She did examine and test his poop but that was it. Because I am breastfeeding she removed all allergens from my diet but if you are not breastfeeding they will probably just have you remove all likely allergens from your babies diet and see if there is an improvement.

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She also said that babies usually grow out of their allergies by 18 months so they will probably retest your baby around that age as well.

Kristina F 0 likes

No probes with my little one it was an ultrasound . We are not 100% sure that it's a milk allergy since they say she's too young for allergy test

Cassi S 1 like

Have you tried goats milk or almond milk?

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She had acid reflux and a milk allergy as an infant but I thought she outgrew it until at a year old when we switched her to whole milk she was still testing positive for an allergy. Now a month dairy free she is still testing positive. She's on rice milk. Happy to hear from everyone that I shouldn't be worried!!! Hopefully she will still outgrow this and the tests will be minimal. Thank you all!

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She's on rice milk Cassie

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