My 13 month old doesn't seem to like plain milk very much. Is the powdered chocolate/strawberry mix stuff ok to mix in his milk for his age or is there too much sugar and bad stuff in it? Or is almond milk ok? My MIL says that almond milk can mess with is downstairs area but wondering how much truth is to that. Just looking for a different alternative to whole milk if there is one.

Brandis G 2 likes

Almond or coconut milk are great alternatives to cow's milk (as long as they're not allergic.) It has more calcium than cow's milk too! Cow's milk gives my kids stomach aches so they drink coconut almond milk and have no issues!

Baby M 0 likes

Almond milk is fine

Katie C 0 likes

Whole milk is actually amazingly good for them at that age because they need the fat content. They don't get any nutritional value (barely any) from almond milk. When they are 2 you can transition to 2% and go from there. They still need the fat for brain development and whole milk is the best way for them to get the fat they need. Don't add any syrups or powders... It's all chemicals and way to much sugar! If you're worried about dairy allergies, by lactose free milk! Lactaid is what I use.

S T 3 likes

I, personally, won't give my child flavored milk. I think it has too much sugar in it but we have a family history of blood sugar problems. I would not have a problem with giving almond or coconut milk. In fact, I'm about to try those as my LO won't drink regular milk either, but we are still nursing too so it doesn't bother me that he doesn't drink it. He gets plenty of healthy fats from other things in his diet and calcium from lots of other food sources including dairy sources like cheese.

Michele B 2 likes

I would say explore other types of milk (almond, hemp, coconut, etc). There is so much junk (sugar, artificial flavors & colors) in those mixes, please don't go there. My nephew had strawberry milk/flavoring in his milk at a very young age & at 3 he had to be put completely under at the hospital because he had 11 cavities. 9 of his teeth are capped, he has some speech issues because of it. It's heartbreaking! He should have seen a dentist a lot sooner than he did, but that's what started it.

Jordan C 1 like

I think almond milk would be the better choice versus powdered and flavored milk as long as he isn't allergic. Just give it a try and see how he does.

Bethany C 0 likes

My girls LOVE the dark chocolate almond milk! And I feel good giving it to them.

Ashlee 0 likes

Maybe try blending a strawberry or two in it so it's naturally strawberry flavoured :)

Nancy P 2 likes

Ok thanks everyone! I guess I will steer clear of the powdered mixes and try almond and coconut milk. Hopefully it goes well!

Tay B 0 likes

Soy milk can mess with his downstairs, not almond milk. Almond milk doesn't have any hormones in it.

Jennifer G 0 likes

We use almond milk.

Jennifer G 0 likes

We use Almond milk and my daughter loves it. I get the vanilla flavored kind.

Nancy P 0 likes

Oh ok that's what she must have been thinking about them, soy milk

Mom Of 5 0 likes

I'm not a big fan of powdered mixes either the only time my kids get it is when they go to grandmas. If your going to try it try using a very small amount just enough so they will drink it. Then slow start even lowering that, they will get use to the taste of the milk.

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