My 10 month old had eggs and a biscuit for dinner tonight! Yay!! She eats snacks and fruit but still eats purée food with cereal added. Are there any other solid soft foods we can try for meals? She is so ready, I can't keep a plate of food without her trying to take it. Lol

Cali^Mom 2 likes

Cooked noodles, cooked zucchini or carrots, cheese, yogurt

T B 2 likes

She is so cute! I can't think of a lot of food at the moment. Um, mashed potatoes and rice. You could do gravy with the biscuits too. And tiny pieces of meat as long as it's tender. Oatmeal and cream of wheat too. My kids won’t really eat oatmeal and they won't even try cream of wheat but it's good for iron.

girlmom x 3 likes

She's so cute! Have you looked into Baby led weaning? There are tons of ideas for foods.

Amanda O 2 likes

She can eat everything you can! Look into BLW

Marina 2 likes

She can have anything as long as it’s soft and small pieces

KRM 2 likes

EVERYTHING! My lo was eating off my plate at 7mo! Just cut things small. All meats, seafood, veggies cooked soft, fruits, crackers, cheese, waffles with peanut butter, blueberry pancakes, quesadillas, omg the list is endless, hahaha!

Brandi T 1 like

Look up baby led weaning! Our son has ate what we have since 6.5 months old.

Thalias Mommy 1 like

I gave my lo everything cut small at that age try cut up avocado/ cut up squash/ thinly sliced chicken/ peas/ carrots/ blueberries/ banana/ mangos/

Thalias Mommy 1 like

she's adorable by the way 😍

Erin H 1 like

Thanks Thalias Mommy . She's usually cuter without food all over her face. Lol

Candace H 1 like

Mashed potatoes, cooked pasta, things like that

Thalias Mommy 0 likes

Erin Hall cute with food and all lol

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