must-haves for hospital bag? opinions?

Krista P 0 likes

I had so much that I didn't need lol . & the one thing I forgot was the blanket and that was the one thing I turned out to need most because you can't take the ones used to swaddle from the hospital . I didn't use a pacifier . They had plenty of diapers & wipes . I breast fed. I loved to unpack and repack my bag

J B 1 like

Good camera Extra comfy underwear Overnight maxi pads Phone and charger Outfit for going home Outfit for baby Snacks for you and hubby

Catherine B 2 likes

Comfy clothes for you, boppie, blanket for baby, baby hat, one out fit for baby to go home in, you won't need diapers or wipes for baby. The hospital provides a lot of that stuff for you and skin to skin is best as much as possible for bonding and Breast feeding so no need for a bunch of baby outfits.

Katie P 2 likes

Music and a portable speaker, your pillow, I found that headphones helped with relaxing music, birthing ball, your make up for pictures while you are in the hospital, shampoo and conditioner and body wash, towel cause hospital towels and very tiny , charger for phone ...

Nie B 1 like

Robe Bedroom slippers A couple of outfits for you and baby (Onsies, sleepers, hat, socks ) A rag Camera Pads Deodorant And on the chance you might have a c-section bring entertainment because you'll be there for a couple days Also drinks and food because hospital food isn't the best

Lindsey S 2 likes

I agree with the post above. I just got home from hospital yesterday and the only things I used myself was my shampoo & condition (travel siZe) & one pair of pj's (get the tops thAg button down!) and snacks & clothes for hubs & a outfit for baby to go home in. I honestly went home in my one pair of pj's that I brought. You don't need much.

Erin M 0 likes

The thing I appreciated most was my mom got me this really stretchy soft pj set. I hate those ridiculous gowns. My room was really hot so they were shorts and like a tank top. My only suggestion is don't think I won't need that. You will need more than you think. For instance I took newborn diapers bc my hospital only provided size 1 and they were way big. My daughter went through 6 outfits while we were in the hospital. Take snacks movies cards books. Congrats.

Sarah G 1 like

Pjs , slippers, socks , maxi pads , clothes to go home in for you and baby , maybe comfy pillow , toothbrush, antiperspirant ,

Diane A 1 like

A good pillow if your picky

Megan T 0 likes

All I need was 3 bra and a few top cus the boob Milk will leaks all over the bed and a go home outfit and for the baby and hubby and some money and a cameras and phone and a. Charger And some bottom for your bf or hubby

Kristy G 0 likes

Not all hospitals provide pacifier, mine didn't, so take some just in case. Also, many hospitals have a photographer that comes around to do newborn photo shoots for inexpensive rates. If you want to take advantage of this, bring some photo props, like a teddy bear, sentimental blanket or cute outfit.

amy s 1 like

your own towels. hospital towels are no bueno.

Catherine B 1 like

Oh yea!! Snacks are a great idea!

Katie P 1 like

Also I know it sounds weird but silhouette diapers are way more comfy than the pads they give you and you will need super thick ones if you bring your own. Someone recommended that to me and my husband bought them I used them and was much more comfy than the other moms with the huge pads. Just a suggestion

Brittaney D 0 likes

Yes, make sure you take some cash with you, some shower shoes, and a pair of comfy slippers as well.

Kim E 0 likes

Snacks, large underwear, nursing cover when guests visit, slippers, own pillow

Destiney R 0 likes

Comfy pjs your not gonna want anything tight . Socks. A nursing bra if your gonna breastfed . A going home outfit for baby and you if you wanna dress up . All your bathroom stuff your gonna want a shower .(shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, brush , face wash , & lotion ) a bobby pillow , your own pillow so your comfy,& I took my own blanket to me comfy .my hospital provided the mesh underwear (there not sexy but very comfy ) , pads , diapers,

Destiney R 0 likes

wipes, everything for baby really ! Take baby an outfit of you want her /him to be dressed cute while there . Hats & if you want a certain paci or bottle take that! For the most part you'll over pack I didn't use half of what I packed and I was there 2 nights not just one. And back the next day!

Remiya B 0 likes

A good pillow Comfy robe( so glad I had mine) Something to keep you and your partner entertained A comfy going home outfit for you Onsies and going home outfit for baby Don't forget the toothbrush the ones at the hospitals are crappy Nipple cream if you're planning on nursing (hospital usually charges for every single thing they give you)

Jen F 0 likes

I looked at all the "must have" lists and packed about everything. But I hardly used anything... Definitely bring things to make you comfortable. Hospital provides most of your needs (diapers, pads, cold packs, numbing spray, etc). Best recommendation is to bring your own pillow! Made me sleep so much better!

Raquel B 1 like

I literally was lucky if I could get out of bed. I would honestly say the only thing I can remember that was a Godsend was Chapstick, deodorant, and maybe some hair ties. I way over packed and thought I would wear cute pj's, but in the end it was all about practically and comfort.

Heidi D 0 likes

Chapstick, lotion, hair ties, outfit to wear home, soft short robe (loved mine made skin to skin and breastfeeding so much easier),

InOver M 0 likes

Kindle and chapstick!

Elizabeh D 0 likes

Bring your own gown that allows you to have easy fast access for breast feeding

Allison L 1 like

Something other people have mentioned in the past an exstention cord. Half the time the plugs are to far away from the bed and all charging cords are short. Definitely going to pack that myself. Something I'm planning on is our own dipers and wipes since we're using the organic brand. My midwives all say the more medical stuff freaks you out the more of your own stuff you should bring to be comfortable

Kate M 0 likes

Other than the obvious- camera with charged batteries and with space for pictures, or make sure your phone has space to take more pictures We brought a white noise machine that was a godsend, and earplugs, although they might have earplugs there. I wore the disposable mesh panties from the hospital as well as their giant maxi pads- didn't need my own at all. They have clothes, diapers, wipes, blankets, etc., everything the baby needs except the going home outfit and blanket and car seat.

Allison H 0 likes

Chapstick, gum, hair ties, brush, razor, boppy, a sleeper or two for baby, an out fit or two plus going home outfit, tooth brush, charger, camera, snacks, baby book (we had them put his foot and handprint in it), your own pillow or blanket, nursing bra/cover (used when we had guests and he needed to eat) and LOOSE comfortable clothes, birth plan, pen and paper (just in case), $20 for birth certificate, slippers

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All great replies!! The only thing I would suggest is to have an additional bag packed at home (or car) with about 3-4 days worth of clothes. I say this bc we had an unexpected NICU trip and we were at the hospital an additional 3 days. If I tried to explain anything to my husband that I wanted from home it would be steering the blind. There was another mom there that had an unexpected C-section and had to be there 7 days so I think there's a few reasons you might be there longer than expected.

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