Mothers who practice attachment parenting: My son naps in my arms and falls asleep at the breast for almost every nap, unless we are in the car. Will he learn to nap by himself as he grows older, or will I need to teach him? No harsh comments. This works best for us. I'm a firm believer in attachment parenting, so don't try to persuade me the other way. Thanks!

NYT'S Mom 2 likes

I'm hope this is not a dumb question, what is attachment parenting I have never heard of that term? Thx

Andrea H 4 likes

Not dumb at all! I asked the same question at one point. It's pretty much where baby is hardly separated from mommy and/or daddy, showing the parent(s) will always be there when baby needs it's needs met. It's supposed to help make a child more confident in their parent(s) and thus making them an extremely confident, independent, successful adult.

Andrea H 3 likes

I don't practice it to a tee. I let my son have Independent time and time with other family members. I also let him whine about some things so he can learn patience and how to do things himself, such as rolling over and other milestones. But, I'm his security blanket and he loves me holding him. I'm almost always with him.

Danie M 3 likes

Yeah eventually, I forget how old my kids were though but they were able to nap fine alone as they got a little older

Brianna 1 like

I love attachment parenting and recommend it to every parent that can! He will eventually start napping by himself! Cherish it while you can :)

Andrea H 3 likes

THank you!

Tay B 1 like

Hi Andrea. I do attachment parenting and my first son learned to take naps on his own around 6 months. I would just put him in his crib and he would fall asleep. I'm not sure if this is typical, but I hope it's just as easy for you!

Skylar K 1 like

I'm not really familiar with "attachment parenting" but my daughter used to nap in my arms until about 8months, at that age she preferred to be in her own space and at first I would lay with her in my bed till she would fall asleep then eventually she wanted her crib and would fall asleep on her own. Just follow your babies cues I agree that it's important for them to know you're there, in the meantime enjoy the cuddles!

Amy R 0 likes

Hey Andrea... I'm the same way with my LO... Though I was unaware of the term lol. He's now 5 months and beginning to show signs that he doesn't need be as much... He plays fine in his own as long as he can see or hear me...the only time I honestly pick him up now is to feed him (he recently began holding his own bottle) and to rock him to sleep at night...he tires himself out during the day..

,....... . 1 like

I would wait until my LO was almost asleep then move her into her bed :), that way she was "falling asleep on her own".

Andrea H 1 like

Thank you, mommies! He's about 7 months, now. He will sleep on his own. He just sleeps longer in my arms. And, I'm trying to get him on a semi regular nap schedule (right now he feeds and naps on demand). I'll just follow his cues!😊

Alyson ? 0 likes

Maybe I "attachment parent" and don't realize it... Lol. My daughter slept with me every night and napped on or next to me every nap. It was easier due to breast feeding. It was wearing me out however and I wanted my bed back. I had to teach her at 6 months how to do it alone. It only took a week!

Mary S 0 likes

I guess we have been practicing attachment parenting and didn't know it was called that. I'm all for that especially since my LO was born at 29 weeks. I think he needs that much more love and care.

Kris H 0 likes

When I was expecting, I heard moms bashing attachment parenting and I couldn't find much info on it. Attachment parenting has been one of the best decisions we have made for our little guy!

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