I'm 13 weeks pregnant and the morning sickness is terrible. Some days I can't keep even water down. What can I do?

Laura W 1 like

Talk to your OB could be hyper emisis.

Nancy M 0 likes

Crackers and ginger ale??? There's is a tea that it's made for morning sickness they sale it on babies r us I forgot the name but they have it on the maternity area! It worked for me give it a try! :)

Taylor & 0 likes

Ginger snap cookies work and in a few more weeks u will b keeping everything down don't worry about your weight loss now u will get it back trust me I lost ten pounds my first trimester u can try those ensure shakes and just as long as your taking your vitamins u are fine

Cali I 0 likes

I was very sick with my first, hyperemesis gravardium, I was prescribed Diclectin for the sickness as well as I took my prenatal before bed so I wouldn't vomit it up as easily so baby was getting nutrients and then just eating what I could keep down (crackers, water and ichiban noodles!) Good luck honey, it does end! :)

M M 1 like

I had hyperemisis gravidarum. It was awful. I had it til month 6 and even Zofran couldn't keep it away. You've gotta stay hydrated or you will end up in the ER. The best I could do was lay down and try to nibble on whatever I could stomach. If I wanted a cupcake, I ate it. Cause nothing was staying down.

Nichole M 0 likes

In my first trimester all I could keep down was warm flat gingerale.. Small sips at a time .. And watermelon. I only took my prenatal vitamins right before bed as they made me sick too.

Skai K 1 like

The natural ginger gravol worked great for me!

Chely M 0 likes

Crackers and ginger ale helped me huge! And adding a few drops of lemons juice to my water Bc even that made me sick!

Chely M 0 likes

I took soften for a while but the jut decided to treat it naturally

Chely M 0 likes

Zofran** sorry Lloll

Sara C 0 likes

I was like that my first trimester, but what i did was making myself some of herbs, with a little bit of honey, the honey that have the honeycomb in it is a lot better, also make some soups, and if that don't work talk to your OB.

Kim G 0 likes

I ate these ginger candies called "gin gins" I hate ginger but these are tolerable and helped me a lot!

Autumn B 0 likes

Thank you all. I'm allergic to ginger but I will try the rest of it. I really appreciate the advice.

Kirsten J 1 like

I was prescribed diclectin from my doctor, but I found preggie pops from babies r us helped a tremendous amount! They're made of all natural ingredients so you can just eat them all day!

Dianna B 0 likes

There are these great all natural hard candies called PreggiePops that I used!

N 0 likes

Breathe in thru your nose and out thru your mouth. Slowly. I barfed A LOT!! Mostly when I brushed my teeth which made me want to brush them again. Needless to say, I kept my bathroom floor and toilet spotless just in case. Zantac helped a lot. It was the heartburn in the back of my throat that was the problem.

*Dutch-Baby* 0 likes

I never had it really but I did feel queazy if I rushed myself In The morning and not give my body enough time to wake up! I think it's cuz of blood flow.... Try taking it easy in the mornings get up slow, don't rush and don't force feed yourself right away eat when your fully awake :)

Shaylece S 0 likes

Try Gatorade different flavors. That's what helped me.

Kristy 0 likes

Try ginger gravol and ginger ale that is all that worked for me . You can also get a script for diclectin which ended up being a lifesaver for me

Chrissy A 0 likes

Ginger ale... It was odd I tried everything ginger as I hate pop!!! But that was the only thing that worked, I thought I was gonna be trapped drinking the stuff for the rest of my life lol of course it passed:)

Heather W 0 likes

I would buy gum. It seems to do the trick when I am feeling sick. I relied on gum when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter because I couldn't hold a single thing down for awhile

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