Moms!I need a nice way to tell my MIL and FIL that it's not ok for them to discipline my son. I can understand if I'm not around that they correct what he has done but to do that when I'm right there is not ok!y MIL is always yelling at him not to do something when I'm right there already having it under control. My FIL decided to take it upon himself and slap my sons hand for pushing the dog away from him when I was right outside. Uh no. Don't put your hands on my kid! How do I say it nicely?

MommaJ 2 likes

Maybe just say your trying to teach discipline a specific way and you'd appreciate it if your there and your LO does something they don't want for them to tell you so you can handle it how you see fit. I don't think that's mean and it's just telling them you have a certain way you want to go about punishing and discipline.. Good luck momma.. Inlaws are hard. I have my own issues with my inlaws too.

Evie 5 likes

Have your SO tell them and deal with that.

La R 0 likes

I wouldn't worry about saying it nicely just sit down and say I need to share with you some of my ideas on discipline- or what I've been noticing and be honest- no one has the right to redirect you child in front of you period...

MommaJ 1 like

πŸ‘†πŸΌagree with that too!! Sometimes it's easier for their own child to talk with them about it.

Evie 1 like

Yeah they know how to deal with their own parents. Let them do the dirty work. Lol πŸ˜‚

Amy S 2 likes

Agree with having the SO do it if possible. I think it's ok to say something at the time it's happening too - maybe "Thanks, but I've got it covered/I'll handle it." Can also tell them you're trying to be consistent with your responses and how you're teaching your child. Good luck! It's definitely not an easy situation!

Danica S 0 likes

My problem is that he's deployed and I'm up helping my MIL recover from sinus surgery

Danica S 0 likes

I don't think I can say "I have it covered" or "I can handle it" in a nice way

Bri β 2 likes

I don't think there is any nice way to tell them without having you sound mean in their eyes.. I'd flat out say it. No filter ' don't touch my kid' MIL or not!! Sorry your going through this, it can be hard.. Best of luck hun!!

Gina B 2 likes

I agree with Bri. They're adults. They can handle you telling them.

Mommy Of T 1 like

My family used to do that all the time I hated it I would just say I'm right here I can deal with it, and they haven't done it since! Be up front with them

Jessica H 1 like

Just tell them look they are my kid(s) and if there is an issue tell me and I will take care of it. DO NOT LAY A HAND on my child. If they can't follow your rules then they will not be spending time with you. I had the same problem with my mother. If they are having a fit about stuff that is happening at their house then they will have to come to your house to visit. Your house your rules.

Danica S 0 likes

I just don't want to be mean. If it was my parents I would tell them but they're not :/ my husband told me to stop it from happening. But I really don't want to be mean

Jacquelyn D 0 likes

What does your husband say?

Kathy I 1 like

I would have your SO do it but talk to him and make sure he feels like he knows what to say

Danica S 0 likes

The funny thing is, is that when my husband is home they don't butt in nearly as much and try to discipline. So they either think I'm not capable of it/not doing a good job, or they think they're helping me out. Either way it's ridiculous and I can't stand it. But my husband has been pretty busy lately and I haven't been able to talk to him much. I'll talk to him more about it when he has time but from what he told me today, he pretty much said deal with it yourself however you want to.

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