Moms who's kids have cozy coupes - do they love them ? We went to a playplace that had them and my daughter went crazy for them.. do you use yours indoors or outdoors? How old are your kids?

Ashley B 1 like

We keep ours at my parents house. They have it in their playroom for my kids and also take it outside when its nice. My kids are obsessed wity it

Mommy And M 1 like

My son was always that way with them when he saw them at other places but when we got him one he played with it very little. Go figure.

Bria B 1 like

Mommy And Momma knowing my daughter she's gonna do the same thing, better not cuz I ordered her one lol. Was it difficult to put together ? I suck at those things 😩😩😩 the step2 push car we have took me forever and nearly drove me insane

Mommy And M 1 like

Bria Bella we had the one that was a pickup truck and it was a challenge for me to assemble.

Kay's M 2 likes

A very nice older couple in our neighborhood gave Kay theirs because their grandkids are too big now. So, it's an older one but Kay loves it! And big plus I didn't have to put it together! Lol

Morgen A 3 likes

My daughter keeps hers inside but occasionally we take it outside. She plays in it every day. Definitely worth the purchase!

Bria B 0 likes

Mommy And Momma I'm calling someone to do it for me lol

Bria B 0 likes

Kay's Mommy Morgen looks like its a good buy then! I let my daughter pick out the one she wanted by pulling it up on the iPad, she seems to be really excited and even asked about “red car” a few hrs later. I had one as a kid too and looooved it😃

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