Moms who have small children in daycare: my baby is in daycare. He has been going since he was six weeks old. This is second time in a month that we've been sick. He had projectile vomiting and diarrhea. It is like a 48 hour bug. We are sick again. Is this something that should be expected because he is in daycare?! Last time we were sick for 48 hrs but then I never got better. I was sick for a month and I was just feeling 100% better and now this!!

671 N 0 likes

I feel your pain! My baby girl started in March and since then we've had a cold, bronchitis, pink eye, and then another cold!

Desy H 0 likes

Do you breast feed? And yes sadly it is something to expect because when you start putting them in daycare the more new germs and stuff they come in contact with and it gets them sick:/ I'm gunna have to go through it soon when I put my little one in daycare this upcoming month 😣😣😣

Lindsey P 0 likes

Yes this will happen being in daycare after a while they will be immune to just about everything.

Jess D 0 likes

Unfortunately yes. Babies under a year old get sick a lot in daycare. The older they get the less they get sick bc they build immunity. My daughter is 7.5 months old and has been in daycare since 8 weeks and has been sick 4 times. The good news is that our daycare kids won't get sick when they start school because they'll have built the immunities that other kids haven't. But yeah, it sucks.

Angie . 0 likes

Yes 😞 we have been in daycare almost one year .. Endless colds, ear infections , 2 stomach bugs , hand foot mouth disease, conjunctivitis ...! Hooping it slows down now that we are our of the season our doctor is hoping so too!

Lindsay H 0 likes

I can understand what you are going through! As a daycare provider I always say prepare for you little one to catch anything and everything for the first year until their body build up on their Amun system!

Mom Of 2 0 likes

It seems like I get hit the hardest! :(

Betty K 0 likes

Probably time to change daycares. They might not be cleaning everything properly..

Alicia C 0 likes

I'm pregnant and work at a daycare and am always seeing kids with green runny noses. I have been sick the entire time I've worked there! And I refuse to work when I am sick those children don't need to get it too!

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