Moms who budget groceries at $40-50 a week for a family of 3 or more.. How do you do it? Any tips? I shop mostly organic and its adding to my grocery bill a lot. We are on state aid for food.

Ty L 3 likes

Can you teach me how to budget that much!!! Whenever I go I never can spend less that $75 and that's with me getting the bare necessities.

Brandi L 1 like

I always spent $100 a week BEFORE we had the baby. My fiancé does the shopping now mostly. Not sure how much he spends.

Sami 4 likes

I can do that for me and my husband. I grew up in a house with six kids and my mom spent $100 a month and we butchered our own chicken beef and pork twice a year. It's easier than you think you just don't buy name brand stuff and stay out of the foods you don't need. Like I'll make two loafs of bread, by a dozen eggs and milk. I try to go bulk shopping once a month too so I only have to buy little things here and there but it's still hard.

Olivia H 4 likes

Oh my goodness. I spend at least 125 a week on groceries. And I shop on a military base so everything is even tax free. 😳 please share your secrets!

Sami 4 likes

You just gotta know what you need and don't buy the extras and stay away from name brands. Usually the store brands are the same thing and the name brands

Mommy Of T 0 likes

I spend probably $175 a week

Michaela R 1 like

We do about $50 a week. I buy enough meat for 5nights dinner and leftovers for hubby to have lunch the next day for work. And we always do a pasta/rice and a veggie with dinner. I also include some things that are not necessary, cookies and ice cream and what not. Not a lot. I do a lot of pinteresting at the beginning of the week to find new recipes so I know what I need to buy. Just know what you will need for the week, necessities only if u can't afford the extras.

Amy G 0 likes

Sami do you coupon that's what I want to learn more about how to do. The way I try to stick to a budget is have a list and don't buy if it's not on the list,planing meals ahead so you know what you need. I started writing down what meal for a night so then I made sure I had everything

Yv L 0 likes

You don't have to eat organic to be healthy or healthier. If you already tight on the money, you should spend that small budget wisely on several items instead $5 lb of spinach , when it is really only $ 2 per lb and just as good . Now you have $3 more dollars to spend on a lb of strawberry . Buy whatever is in season when it comes to fresh produce. They usually cheaper because plenty, and they are better tasting because it is fresh.

Ty L 2 likes

Yv I think some people just prefer organic because it is free of chemicals. BUT make sure it's actually "organic". Some companies say there organic but will not be.

Ty L 0 likes

And Sami some store brand items do not taste the some things I will buy off brand. But when it comes to my Oreos I just can't do it lol but I always complain about them costing $2.50

Nicole M 1 like

GMOs are contributing to a lot of health problems so I'm trying to feed my son healthy and avoid as much crap as possible. Organic is the best option and I just want the best for my family. But it is coming at a price for sure. I don't have Pinterest yet but I'll try it and see what I can come up with. Thanks

Out N 1 like

I'm a family of 4 well 3 since the baby dosnt eat much. And I spend 40-50 a week that is including paper products and some cleaning. No diapers or wipes (we use cloth) Nothing organic I used to work in a supermarket and it's not even always truly organic your paying extra for. I buy produce from a farmers market Family packs if available Semi homage cleaners were a little go a long way Shop sale flyers/ match with coupons. I don't pay full price for anything

Sami 0 likes

Nope. No couponing. I don't buy organics either. I just look for good deals. Like two for one an stuff a big bag or rice will last a long time. I use a lot of jasmine rice which is reaaaallllyyyy good.

Katie F 0 likes

I think that budget if you buy generics is doable. On organic and 'premium' foods (like organic brands), it is not. Everyone else gave good advice.

Yv L 3 likes

Ty L . As you said , it needs to be real organic because FDA doesn't have a clear guideline of it . They can be organically grow in natural soil but still use pesticide. Or the seeds aren't organic because it is genetic modified . The only time you know you are eating organic is from your own garden.

Mommy M 0 likes

We spends 150 per week for three people and my DD is just 2years old. Diapers wipes toys clothes are obviously not included in that 😏

Jenny D 0 likes

I spend about $150 a week and we are a family of 7. I plan our meals around the coupons I have for that week and buy most everything on sale. I also have a list and stick to it, otherwise it's too easy to over spend. We eat a lot of pasta (it's cheap)!

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