Moms who are exclusively breastfeeding. If your milk doesn't actually come in for 3-4days, then what are you giving them? Is the colostrum enough? Or are you guys giving them formula in the meantime?

Ashley H 5 likes

Colostrum is enough. Their tummies are sooooo small. When your milk comes in they will be ready for more. ;)

S T 3 likes

Colostrum is enough. Their bellies are super tiny and colostrum is nutrient rich.

Bec J 4 likes

No need for formula.

C M 4 likes

Colostrum is enough.

BoyMom 3 likes

The colostrum is enough :)

Emy G 3 likes

Colostrum is enough. At this age their stomach is tiny they dont need a lot!

Katie M 3 likes

My son was admitted to the hospital at two days old because his Bili Rubin levels and they found out he had low blood sugar low temp and was dehydrated. He was a little over 6 pounds when born and I was induced. They told me usually colostrum is enough but some babies need something extra so they had to give him some fluids. I don't think that's common at all but just thought I'd share my experience. I kept breastfeeding and my milk came in and baby did great after that!

Tiara G 1 like

Colostrum is enough! Their tummy is only about as big as a quarter at day 3 :) also that is the most nutritious breast milk we produce! No worries what your going through is normal <3 pretty soon you will have more milk than u know what to do with! If you are worried about production, pump with each feeding

Gaby C 1 like

Colostrum is enough. I asked for donor milk while I was in the hospital just because and they would give him 10ml. So they don't need much.

Alicia H 1 like

I had to supplement for 2 days because colostrum was not enough for my son. He wanted 2 oz when he was first born and I couldn't produce that just yet. Heck, he is a month old today and eats 4.5-6 oz at each feeding and he is perfectly healthy.

A V 1 like

I remember hearing from somewhere that your baby isn't actually hungry for the first day of its life or first couple days. I could be wrong but colostrum is enough and there's more in there than you think.

Jenna K 0 likes

Don't supplement formula! It'll kill your supply :( it did to me anyway

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