Moms when you had your child's first birthday party did you open presents from everyone will they where their or after just trying figure out time frame for party to keep my little sorta on her schedule Thanks

Deleted A 1 like

We opened them after!

Linsi M 0 likes

We opened gifts in front of everyone, but my husband & I helped to speed things up since the girls weren't really interested

H C 0 likes

Okay thanks I was thinking open presents then cake and everyone leaves lol But was worried presents would take to long

Deleted A 1 like

we wanted our time to be spent visiting with our guests not focused on the presents

Evelyn J 2 likes

Haven't done it yet but I would open them later.

Amelia β 0 likes

We opened them after cake! My daughters grandparents helped and got her interested in them

Deleted A 0 likes

We saw it like a wedding you wouldn't open the gifts there so why at a baby shower? Also it depends on the amount of guests we had so many that it wasn't doable for us anyways.

Marina 0 likes

We opened them the day after the party

Brooklyns M 0 likes

We opened after everyone left. Simply was just easier on us

Deleted A 3 likes

Wait I read that suuuuper wrong πŸ˜‚I thought you said baby shower im sorry it's been a long night. We did actually open her presents at her 1st birthday lmfao πŸ˜‚

Danie M 4 likes

We open the gifts after cake, I'm always disappointed when I go to a birthday party and they don't open gifts because I want to see the child get excited when they see the gift we bought

Brittany β 3 likes

We opened it in front of everyone

Nichole D 0 likes

"We" opened them for her and just handed the gifts to her so the givers could take pictures if they wanted. We did the gifts before the cake as, well... I suspected things would get a little messy... lol

Jennie E 0 likes

We opened everything in front of everyone.

H C 0 likes

Ok I was thinking present and then cake cause I'm not feeding my guest the party is only 2 hours long this way her schedule is kept as best as possible I hate first birthday party's and the little ones are miserable cause the party's are to long and to many people Figure she can get covered with cake and then bath this way I don't have to clean her and still have people over Thanks ladies

Marina 0 likes

We did this: my daughter napped 2.5hrs, ate lunch at 1, party was 1-5pm with lots of food, kids and parents socializing. Little ones love entertainment, it'll be fine. We even rented a bouncy house for the older kiddies. Everyone had a great time and party flew right by. I personally always feed guests, i've never heard of a bday party w/o food and just opening gifts. You wanna enjoy the opening part with just LO and hubby, more fun. Plus what if other kids want to start playing with the gifts?

Marina 0 likes

Depends how many people u have also. We had 10 kids - incl 3 1 yr olds, and 25adults. I would do some sort of food or snack at least for the kiddies. Or some sort of activity, bc theyll get bored easily if they just look at your LO opening gifts. No matter what u decide, dont stress, it goes by so fast!

H C 0 likes

There's no kids at the party but my daughter it's all adult no other kids in family at all and I'm keeping in small don't never been to a birthdays party where food was servers other then little snack and cake sorry just don't see spending a lot of money on a small family party If lo old enough for a kids party then sure food but I'm just looking at veggie & dip presents and cake I'm not having it at lunch or dinner time so why food Not wasting money that can be spent on things truly needed

H C 0 likes

It's only a first bday party

Marina 0 likes

Oh ok then it's MUCH easier if there are no other kids. We did spend more than planned but in my culture the 1st bday is a huge thing lol. Next bday party we won't do prob till she's 5.

H C 0 likes

Marina I get that yep no kids just family and in my family you have a party every year so it just always been small fingers foods and cake and coffee lol

Marina 0 likes

Makes sense! Next yr we'll prob do just family and bbq or get pizza lol

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