Moms this is urgent!! I opened a brand new can of formula. Blue can- Similac advance. It had the seal on it and everything i just bought it yesterday. Anyways i was scooping the formula and when i put 1 scoop in the bottle i saw something floating on top. (It was dried up & brown) i looked into the formula can and there was more!! Idk what to do! Im infuriated!!

Jordan C 9 likes

I would take it back to the store you purchased it from and then call the Formula company

Maranda C 9 likes

Def call the company they might need to recall the item! And call the store you bought it from maybe you can get a refund

Sandra 4 likes

I agree with Jordan!

Sami 4 likes

Write down the lot numbers and everything call the company and take it back!!

Sami 8 likes

I'd get pictures too

Brittany S 4 likes

Take it back to the store & then definitely call the company !

JVP 6 likes

I have had that happen to me and turned out to be a Beatle leg!! 🙉 another reason I wanted to bf! Lol.

Mommy Z 3 likes

Omg this was always my fear with formula good luck mommy

Cesty B 4 likes

Oh Hecht no take that back to the store get your money back and also call similac they always accommodate with free samples and vouchers good thing u checked! Oh my goodness

Ashley W 4 likes

A lot of times if you call the store then the company won't do anything about it so choose which you may get free product if calling company directly and complaining

Cesty B 3 likes

Jessica what happened after u saw the beetle leg??? What steps did they take

Rosy A 3 likes

What!!?? I give Similac to my baby too! OMG!

Chelsea 3 likes

Definitely return and let the manufacturer or company know!!!... Good luck :)

S M 3 likes

Definitely call Similac. A container I had wasn't stored properly during shipping and they are sending me a refund and coupons.

Olivia N 4 likes

I think all the mommies said what I was going to say The company might even give you loads of coupons:)

Marissa G 0 likes

Take pictures and send it to Similac. The store you bought it from cant even take back unopened formula.

Hannah M 2 likes

My dr told me to supplement with formula at night, but Cash wouldn't drink the formula. I tried returning the unopened box to Walmart where I purchased it and they said it is against the law to return formula???? So I was stuck with 20 dollars worth of pre made formula bottles!!!

JVP 0 likes

I went to the store and just changed formulas. They don't do anything when u call as I once had a cotton ball in my sons grape juice.... Don't know how it manages to get into the juice box but it was there! They just sent me a letter of apology and coupon for a discount on my next purchase... The purchase I will never make. Lol. (They did ask me to mail in the particle) they may ask you so don't toss it! Or at least a picture.

Ellyn P 0 likes

Definitely return it. Similac is such an amazing company with GREAT customer service. Give them a call, I'm sure they will do everything possible to make it right :)

Marissa G 1 like

Stephanie I had a whole thing of soy formula that wasn't opened went to the store and spoke with the general manager and I wasn't allowed to return it or exchange. It's against the law.

Hannah M 0 likes

They told me it's because it could be tampered with... Well um so couldn't the loaf of bread the guy in front of me returned

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