Moms! Just want to ask ... How are you? Is everyone Ok? Children are home, work is closed. Times are hard for many. How are you doing? Hope everyone is doing the best they can. Sending love to everyone!

MommyJ 1 like

Today I'm Not feeling good. I'm Still trying my best to keep up with cooking and cleaning. How are you ? Prayers we get through this 🙏

JVP 1 like

We are doing well. Hope all is well with u.

Brita H 1 like

Nata C such a nice post! I hope everyone is hanging in there! I'm trying to stay positive, knowing that many people have it tougher than me! But being 22 wks pregnant I am constantly worrying about how things are going to be when I give birth! What will hospitals and just life in general be like in 4 months? 😬😬😬

Mel Marie 1 like

I don't Wanna seem so positive But we’re okay. I've Homeschooled before so this is not new for me and I enjoy it even though it is A lot with both kids. Money of course is the issue and it is scary but other than that we're Together, healthy. The kids FaceTime their friends and teachers and so they're Okay and I feel like my kindergartener is doing better with homeschooling Than he was in real school. I hope you everyone on here is doing well and staying positive Too!

Cyn N 1 like

So far so good🤞🏼 The children and I have been at home Since school shut down and only my husband is in and out of the house. He's Taking the precautions they suggested about coming home changing In garage and putting the clothes he did wear in the washer wiping the knobs he's Touched and getting a shower right away. Nervous because 2/3 of our kids are more high risk in health and I'm Pregnant. Hope everyone else is well!! Thanks so much for asking ♥️♥️

Cali^Mom F 1 like

We're doing pretty well. A little on each other's nerves but all healthy and mostly happy. I just get really anxious when I have to go out in public ( which is minimal, thankfully, for prescription and veggie box pick up) and really frustrated when I have to spend forever wiping down anything we need to bring into the house. All the extra cleaning on top of homeschooling my Kindergartener is just exhausting. Thanks for asking.

Thalias Mommy 1 like

We are doing well over here this doesn't affect us since my daughter isn't In daycare or school yet but yes the staying Inside is killing us 😫 hope u are doing great as well 😊

Mama S 0 likes

That is so sweet of you to check on all the moms. I hope you are well. I am a frontliner. I work in the ER so I still have to work. My kids have always been homeschooled so nothing has changed for them. I guess it's a blessing that things aren’t too much different. I just fear going to work and being exposed or bringing Covid19 home to my children.

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