Moms I need some support/advice!!! I'm having trouble with my 12 mo old .. He doesn't know how to self soothe so I find myself having to rock him or pay his back to sleep.. Another thing I have also been trying to wean him off the midnight bottle and it's also a process to get him back to sleep

Kristin . 0 likes

Sounds like separation anxiety. All babies go through it around that age. The best thing to do is to not fight it. Just do what he need and once he starts going back to sleep easier and starts relaxing more then you should start trying to wean him.

Michelle S 1 like

Try one of those night light projectors to help smooth him. I know it sucks but he nutritionally doesn't need that midnight bottle so don't give it to him at all. It will suck for the first couple nights but then one morning you'll wake up at 6am and realize he slept all night at last.

Laura L 0 likes

I've been having this issue for quite some time I used the cry it out technique and it seemed to work it was painful to watch hear him cry himself to sleep then he stated teething and it was back to square one :/

Michelle S 1 like

Ugh hang in there mama.

R 1 like

My 12 mo is teething too. Just extra love and cuddles! But I understand the frustration. โค๏ธ

Laura L 1 like

You mamas are great thank you for the support and advice

EL . 0 likes

I recommend Ferber Method ! Google search and go from there !

Happy M 2 likes

Laura, you made my night. I was going to ask who has tried CIO only to find that the work is erased when they hit a developmental milestone or teething. I found the baby sleep site and the no cry solution book helpful.

Danielle M 2 likes

I've been in the same boat for probably 5 months! My son is 11mo and has 8 teeth basically has been teething none stop since 4mo which has really screwed up his sleep at night. We then moved back home and that add it worse. We've been co sleeping a lot and trying different things to see if it works. Last night slept till 4:30 but heard hubs alarm go off ๐Ÿ˜• hope things get better for you!

Danielle M 1 like

Also I've started playing classical or lullabies when he falls asleep for a nap and then turn it off. trying to get him familiar to the music so maybe I can play it for bed time and when he wakes up he'll hear it and go back to sleep? When it's on for bed time I'll leave the music on. We've never had a sound machine or anything so this is new and just started today

Laura L 0 likes

That's such a great idea!!

Happy M 1 like

What works well for us is the Baby Shusher app. Be careful, will make you fall asleep, too. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Laura L 0 likes

What app is that?!

Happy M 0 likes

It is an app that makes a shushing noise over and over. Someone on here swore by it a long time ago and I found it to be excellent.

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