Moms! HELP! Hello! I am a stay at home mom to one 7 month old baby boy! I love it but would like to make some extra money. Do you ladies know of any great stay at home jobs? Any websites or anything I could go to!? I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Please help me out! Thank you so so so much ladies!

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You can open an in-home daycare. Depending on what state you live in, you can have up to 4 unrelated kids without having a license. Go to happylittlereaders dotcom to see how you can start. Download all forms you need, etc. Hope this helps.

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I've been a stay at home mom for almost 4 years now. My oldest will be 4 on mon and I have a 10 month old. Currently I make $300/week babysitting a 3 month old in my home. In the past I babysat friends babies and I've tutored. I'm also helping out a realtor friend of mine doing some work on my computer making $13/hr off the books. At one point I was considering becoming a Beachbody coach. It's hard. Any extra $ helps!

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Look in to "initial outfitters" it's basically selling/hosting jewelry parties. It's a new company so a lot of people have not see in and it pretty much sells itself-- the stuff is awesome!

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Oh wow! Well that's cool! I am currently trying to get clients for dog walking/dog/cat sitting. I figured it's easy & I love dogs & cats, and I could make a little cash!

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I'm in Missouri. I charge $580/month per infant (under 1 year old) and $500/month for 1 and up.

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My sister in law just recently started doing Jamberry Nails from home. It's like Mary Kay but for nails. She says even basic she is making minimum $200 per week. I wish I had the time to do that since the extra cash would be nice but I work full time. Maybe you can look into something like that.

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I catsit on the side.

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Younique cosmetics allows you to have virtual parties online so that you don't have to host parties!!!

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I also make tutu dresses now. It's fun and you make decent money if you can get your materials cheap. I learned from watching YouTube videos. Here's some that I made:

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Younique & Advocare are great!

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You can also try surveys online, some of them give gift cards for all kinds of stores.

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Younique mascara is awesome. Sorry side note to Kristin's comment. πŸ˜€

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I recently got into It Works! body wraps and health products. I started making money right away and it's pretty easy to work at home and take care of my 9 mo old. You can check out my website here for more info!

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Gwen I just got my 3D mascara today and I'm so excited to try it!!!

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Medical/legal transcription or any other sort of transcription. Mystery shopper. My parents did this and had a blast. You have to write a summary and complete forms for each job. But you could start and stop that as needed. Sometimes you get a stipend to purchase something. And the more/better you do, you get better gigs! Best of luck!

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Kristin. Takes a time or 2 applying to get it down the way you want it but it's awesome. I will never use another mascara again.

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I babysit 3 kids for $15 an hour 5 days a week & get to bring my son! He's 10m & loves it!

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