Moms, comment things you found useful in your hospital bag! I can't decide what I'm actually gonna need.

Ashley M 0 likes

Your own pillows!!! Maybe your own blanket too. Stuff to help you freshen up.. Maybe dry shampoo, pony tails, deodorant, face wipes... I personally didn't need much entertainment items. New baby is exciting enough!! Think COMFORT and convenience.

Ashley W 2 likes

A nursing bra and reusable nursing pads. So much more comfortable. Honestly, they pretty much provide everything else you'll need. I even used their disposable undies so I didn't have to worry about ruining mine. Plus they were very comfortable.

Cassy R 1 like

Breastfeeding night gown and nipple shields

FT Mama 2 likes

Shower shoes! And robe

April F 0 likes

I loved having my own clothes as soon as we were moved into the mom and baby room after I delivered I showered and changed into my clothes it way comfier also baby mittens my little guy had long nails and scratched hisself without the mittens and burp rags

Alyson D 0 likes

Comfy nightgown and a pillow πŸ’œ

Stacey V 0 likes

I had clothes for my self, pads I liked to use( make sure they are super absorbent type). Going home outfit for the baby with blanket to go home with. Pacifier I wanted the baby to use and toiletries. The hospital provided everything else I would've needed for the baby( blankets,diapers, creams) so save that stuff for when you go home with baby

Sarah C 1 like

Night gown and a pillow!!! Also I needed a fan( small travel one) ! I'm very hot natured!

Sofie D 0 likes

Nursing bra, nipple cream and boppy. Everything else they have.

Adrienne M 0 likes

Slippers, camera and yoga pants! The hospital provided almost everything else I packed that I thought I'd really need(tucks pads, dermoplast spray, laxatives, pads, underwear...)and try to take home some of the disposable undies and ice pack pads. Everytime you get a new nurse slip whatever's in the room in your bag and ask for more(this includes diapers and wipes!!) we came home with a jackpot of goodies that were very useful!

Saschele P 0 likes

Going home outfit (nursing tank and sweats), face wash, toothpaste w toothbrush, deodorant, travel shampoo & conditioner, lotion, shower sandals, phone charger, ponytail holders w a few bobby pins, glasses and contact solution/case (if u wear glasses), zip up hoodie in case it was cool the day we went home.

Nicole S 0 likes

I second the pillow. Hospital pillows are horrible. Socks, robe, comfy clothes, towel, toiletries.

Cortney M 0 likes

Definitely nipple balm if you're going to nurse!!

Heather L 0 likes

A lot of hospitals (-at least by me) provide nipple cream and it's covered under your hospital stay so mise well use it!

Mila's M 0 likes

Don't forget to take your pump so they can't teach u how to use it! & don't forget the robe& hair-ties.

Bec J 0 likes

Comfy clothes, easy slip on shoes for going home, snacks for in between meals , my own pillow

JVP 1 like

Spare clothes as I leaked a lot!!

Mommy C 0 likes

Night gowns! Nursing pillow! And flip flops for the shower! I made my fam go back and get all that cause I didn't think I'd need them

Katie S 0 likes

Nursing bra w disposable pads Nipple cream (I used Medela, worked great) Chap stick Deodorant Toothbrush & toothpaste Warm socks Phone charger And I only brought one pair of clean undies and a mega maxi pad for when I left the hospital (I wore their disposable undies while I was there); and I went home in the same outfit I came in.

Ashley W 0 likes

A nightgown, favorite body wash and nursing bra and pads. :)

B T 0 likes

Shower shoes for sure!! Comfy pajamas and a boppy. A robe was really helpful too.

Heather C 0 likes

Slippers and your own water bottle

Ellie A 0 likes

Snacks for daddy. Labor can be long and you don't want him to have to leave the room on you. Remember this is tough on him too

Lisa M 0 likes

My own shower things, and a dab of makeup to feel normal the next day

Ashley W 0 likes

Oh yes. And your own pillow and blanket. It makes all of the difference when you're trying to relax and sleep or nurse your baby.

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