Mommies with a two year old, what are their sleep schedule (like when they go to bed and wake up)? Do they still take a nap? I'm just curious about it. Thanks in advance! 😊

Ashley M 1 like

My niece has a nap everyday 12:30-2:30 She goes to bed at 8 up around 6 She is 2 1/2

G E 2 likes

My 18 month old (not quite 2) has a two hour nap at noon. He goes to bed around 7:45pm and is up by 8am.

B F 0 likes

Oh okay. Those seem like a great schedule. My daughter usually doesn't take naps because she won't go to bed until really late. Thank yall! 😊

Tay B 1 like

My son goes to bed around 9/10 and wakes up around 8/9 am. He takes a nap on some days. He isn't always tired enough. If he needs one, he usually takes it around 3 pm.

,....... . 1 like

My almost 3 year old stopped taking naps as soon as she was 2. It was 8 pm - 8 a.m Now it's 9 pm to 7:30 am

B F 2 likes

Thank you! 😊 My daughter is the same way. She goes to bed at 9/10 pm and up around 8/9 am. I feel like it's a great schedule for her. I was curious what other toddlers her age sleep schedule was!! I really appreciate everyone's comments!! πŸ’–

B F 2 likes

Ashley, my daughter stopped taking naps a few months before she was two. Lol. That's a great schedule. I'm thinking about changing it up a few months down the line or something. πŸ˜„

,....... . 1 like

I would try and get her to do a "quiet " time around 3-4 so she's not over stimulated. My DD plays with her blocks or colors to quiet down

B F 2 likes

That sounds like a great idea! I'll introduce "quiet" time tomorrow to get her use to it! Thank you for this idea!! Lol. She has stuff to color with (brought it for her birthday).

,....... . 1 like

Good luck it took me 2 weeks to finally get her on a schedule

Susan E 1 like

23 month old naps around 12-1, and goes to bed around 7-730 and sleeps until about 730 next morning. I've tried giving him and afternoon nap and putting him to bed later, but he still woke up early. And plus, I like my me time at night :-)

B F 1 like

I'm sure it would take me longer (I hope not though). My daughter is a very active toddler.

B F 0 likes

Susan, I like my me time at night as well! Lol. My daughter is usually up around the same time each day, no matter how late she goes to sleep (which sucks on my half. Lol). It sounds like he's getting the sleep he needs. 😊

Ashley R 1 like

Nap 1pm 1-2 hours Bedtime 7 Wake between 6:30-7:30 am

B F 0 likes

That's not a bad schedule. Thank you! πŸ˜„ Yall have been helpful!! Keep up the great work mommas!

Crystal Q 1 like

My son is a few months shy of two but he goes to bed at 8pm & up between 6:30-7:30am. He takes one nap, 2-3 hours long, but we don't have a set time for it as I'm a sahm

B F 0 likes

Oh okay. Thank you. I'm a Sahm as well. I'm trying to get a job though. 😊

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