Mommies who have a child with ADHD, I have a question for you. I know they say you can't make an ADHD diagnosis until your child is at least 4-6 years old. But, thinking back on when your LO was a baby, we're there any early signs?

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Not for my son. He was just an active, outgoing, busy little boy which was normal for his age 😊

Sophia 1 like

Very misdiagnosed condition. I don't even think it exist, is just a reason for medication, which is even worse. What does exist is kids with different needs who need to be treated according to their personality. Most kids are hyper and most kids go through very rebellious phases. I was one and after my mom saw the side effects of the medication she decided to stop and use other methods( like changing schools, more after school activities). Found out I was just a normal hyper child.

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Just because you're diagnosed with ADHD doesn't mean you have to be on medication. And it's not just hyper activity. It's being inattentive and not being able to focus in school which prevents learning for a lot of kids. While I agree some people use it as an excuse to medicate ... kids need to be diagnosed so they can get the help they need in school. Being diagnosed lets them get modifications in school (504) to be able to perform well in school.

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Also, they don't call it ADHD anymore ... It's ADD inattentive, ADD hyperactive, or both. Sorry I don't have any insight on whether you see signs in babies or younger kids. I just want to advocate for kids who need to be diagnosed not just for medication

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I wholeheartedly agree with every thing S S2 just said, both my cousin and husband have been diagnosed , my cousin manages it with change in diet but without medication my husband doesn't function properly. Both were diagnosed as children , yes some parents want their kids to get the Meds because they can't handle it or whatever the reason, but it is a real condition that in many cases does need to be treated with medication.

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@SS2 Im talking about the tags. If you read my post , there's many kids with different needs that need to be addressed. And no, not all need medication but in most cases they're prescribed. Through my work I've seen plenty of children who were on brought to experience different scenarios( camps, outdoor activities, etc) and the changes were incredible, no tags no nothing just patience and understanding their different needs.

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My brother has very real ADHD (or whatever the current term for it is). He is 27 years old & was diagnosed at 6 years old. It is definitely not an imaginary condition. It's not a negative thing; he is brilliant! But, since it runs in my family, I'm just wondering if my LO will have it. She's only 9 months old, so it's too soon to tell. But she's definitely much more energetic, restless, fidgety, & impatient than a lot of other babies her age... so I was wondering if that's an early sign

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My husband and step daughter both have it so I understand and deal with it daily Miranda. We don't use medication but fight for her educations help every year and change her diet. I wonder if our daughter and future children will have it as well.

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