Mommies!!! What are some thoughts about vaccinations? For or against them?

Damien's Mom 17 likes

Definitely for them!!!

Jamie R 16 likes

For them! A few pokes is nothing compared to your LO getting a serious disease like measles.

Crystal Q 17 likes

For them! I would hate myself if I didn't vaccinate & my son caught something that would've been easily prevented/severity lessened if only he'd been vaccinated & the outcome was serious injury or death.

Danie M 14 likes

For 100%

Baby Girl β 14 likes

All for them! There are scary things out there. Everyone I know is vaccinates and we are all fine.. Im sorry but I would rather a child with autism if that actually caused it, then my child suffer and die from a disease that could have been prevented

Evie 15 likes


Elizabeth A 13 likes

For them! If your child is not vaccinated it's not only a risk for them but for other children who are too young to get vaccinated. I understand that everyone should have the right to choose but I really think the vaccines do more help than harm and would hate to think something could happen to my newborn just because another mom made the choice not to vaccinate πŸ˜₯

Logan's M 14 likes

Definitely for vaccinations.

Jordan D 14 likes

For them!!! I try to understand and see anti vaccers side and reasons but they never make sense to me.. I'll never understand why someone would put there child and other children at risk. πŸ˜’

Kirbie D 13 likes

Definitely for. I have a hard time being ok with parents who decide not to vaccinate. It just makes no sense to me. I want to give my child everything to make sure they will Be safe.

Joy D 1 like

I like the concept of vaccines but I'm against the way they are administered. I'm doing dr sears delayed schedule. Do research and form your own opinion! I have a medical background and not a hippie! But I always have extreme circumstances I had Lyme disease while pregnant

Dana E 14 likes

Call me crazy but I would rather my baby have a small prick rather than polio.. And I think it should be mandatory for all.. Co ppl who don't vaccinate endanger other kids too besides their own. My baby is too young for MMR and I don't want her around someone older who can't contract measles and not vaccinated towards it, coz it puts her in danger.. Measles can be fatal for infants

Mrs. H 13 likes

Pro vaccine all the way. Not only do I want to protect my child but others as well.

Lex 13 likes

For them. No questions asked

Danielle D 2 likes

I personally know two families who have been devastated by vaccines. Those that say they'd rather have an autistic child most likely don't have one and have not seen the devastation that autism brings! I know a girl who got polio from the polio vaccine and is now permanently disabled. There are risks to both sides. Vaccinated children spread illnesses too...or else children's hospitals wouldn't say not to bring in recently vaccinated children to visit patients.

Carissa W 15 likes

For. The paper that started the whole autism scare has been repeatedly disproven, the author falsified data, had his medical license taken away.

Raelynn O 13 likes

All for them. The pros outweigh the cons in a big way. Sure it's awful to see them cry from the poke but better that then sick or worse dead from a disease that I could have prevented them from getting.

Jenny D 11 likes

For them 100%!

Britaney G 12 likes

100% for!

Lisa M 12 likes

For them! Without a doubt

Lisa M 5 likes

A co worker of mine chose not to vaccinate his LO bc of mercury..had he educated himself, he would have read that mercury was removed from vaccines in 2001.

C M 11 likes

Definitely for them. There wasn't even a question in my mind about whether my kids would get them.

NightOwl 10 likes

I'm a pro vaccπŸ’‰πŸ™‹πŸΌ

Babygirl G 12 likes

For them 100% people who are anti vaccines have very little facts to back themselves up and theres no way id let my little one get the measles or any other crazy disease especially now that there are people who dont do it

Ciara B 9 likes

For them! Don't want to see my baby or anyone's dying from something that hasn't killed people in AGES! The doctor that said something abt them linking to autism wasn't correct! Please vaccinate ur kids. Ur risking their lives & everyone elses

Eryn β 11 likes

For! Although I do separate the shots into 2 per visit. Just means extra trips to the doctor!

Ana V 7 likes

Ok thanks ladies!! I'm all for them as well!! Just I've heard stories but no concrete reason as for why they are bad. I thought maybe someone would be against it and give their input. But again thanks ladies!!

Bugs Mom 3 likes

There's a group I was added to on fb that talks bad about giving them shots and they treat the ppl that do vax like they are murderers.

Joy D 3 likes

Read dr sears book and watch the DVD about vaccines where the dr gives a lecture. They haven't studied rolling more than one vaccine into one shot. Each one has only been studied as an isolated vaccine. this also causes them to be less effective when given together, thus u need more shots. If u delay them they are actually more effective and u need less of the virus. I can for sure tell u from lots of research why I am against some and others not deemed necessary! πŸ‘

Mommy Of T 10 likes

100% for them! Like some other have said I would rather my kids have a little prick then get a serious illness. Also I wish it was mandatory for everyone cuz the parents who don't are just endangering everyone else

SquishyMommy1 4 likes

100% against for our family. My children are not vaccinated.

Maggie's M 10 likes

100% FOR immunizations. I am a nurse and have seen children affected by the diseases you contract without them. Very serious stuff!

Lisa M 3 likes

Moms who are against, what will you do about school for your LO's? Just curious

Britaney G 4 likes

It's defiantly not the time to be against. I personally think it's selfish. I don't think they should even accept an antibiotic when their kids are sick then. Deny one, deny all

Danielle D 2 likes

You can sign a waiver! The United States has the highest immunization rate, yet also has a very high rate of infant mortality compared to some of the other countries! Look up angel babies/kids on'll find tons of stories of children who have died from them...I cried my eyes out last night reading them!

SquishyMommy1 3 likes

Lisa all states have vaccine exemptions for school. You do not have to be vaccinated to attend school.

Britaney G 2 likes

If I were against vaccinations, I definatly wouldn't want my children in public schools. You might as well home school them to keep them healthy. Poor babies. There's so many nasty diseases that vaccines protect you from. Rarely is there ever a side effect. If there is, it's not from the vaccine but from an underlying problem. If anybody were on here complaining that there child is seriously ill and denied vaccinations I would only feel bad for the child.

Dana E 3 likes

I really hate to be judgmental, and I try to keep an open mind and respect other people's opinions, but when it comes to vaccinations, I have nothing but anger towards anti-vaxxers. I am a scientist, I studied how vaccines work and how awful diseases are. And to see how some people will take one article out of thousands, just to prove a ridiculous hippy point that vaccination is bad makes my blood boil. Anyone can go online and claim they are a doctor and falsify research results

Dana E 2 likes

There is actual "fake" science journal that will publish anything! U can't just find one doctor against it and believe him while pretty much all actual doctors are against vaccine. It's one thing to have a medical condition where u can't vaccinate, but it's another to put ur child at risk because u come up with unscientific explanation supported by false data. And for the record, having a fever or a temp after a vaccine is completely normal, because that's how ur immune system works

Lisa M 3 likes

Id be terrified to send my kid to school with no shots..

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