Mommas who breastfeed-- Anyone try any supplements that help with milk production? Ever since my baby is sleeping 12 hours every night I've notice my supply has gone down. I'm really not wanting to get up in the middle of the night to pump lol. Thank you!

Eileen C 0 likes

When ever my son did that I tried not to pump, your body only makes as much as the baby needs.

Amber L 1 like

Fenugreek and blessed thistle. Can get it at a health food store. Vitamin shops...

Am V 5 likes

I'd definitely pump sometime -- at leasts once -- during that 12-hour span. You really will lose your supply with that much of a break in between. Meanwhile, Google "lactation cookies" for a recipe that helped me. The brewer's yeast is a must. I ordered it from Amazon, but you can find it at places that sell beer-brewing ingredients. I also find that on days I drink Gatorade -- just one bottle -- in addition to my hefty water intake, my output increases a few ounces. I've been EP for 8 months.

Mandi J 1 like

She's a chunk. And I like to have some stores in the freezer just incase.

Sarah S 1 like

Fenugreek pills worked wonders for me- good luck!

Mandi J 0 likes


Am V 1 like

* least (typo) * EP = exclusively pumping (in case you haven't read that before)

Mandi J 1 like

Thank you AM!

Mommie D 3 likes

Mothers milk tea and fenugreek capsules worked for me

Chelsie M 2 likes

Fenugreek, and lots of water snacking pumping and feeding.

Kayla M 1 like

I love to share this recipe They are so good and worked for me

Tiffany F 0 likes

Oh gosh I didn't know your supply would go down in the night like that. I am currently getting up at 2am to pump and it's really disappointing that my LO gets to sleep 9 hrs straight and I only get 4 hrs at a time. I'm trying to ween off the night pumping session and just pump a little more daily after each nursing session. Good luck.

Mandi J 0 likes

Thanks everyone!

Amanda P 0 likes

Fenugreek, mothers milk tea, and I would get up 1-2 times to pump. You've got to empty your breasts in order for your body to signaled to make more, so if the baby goes that long and you aren't feeding or pumping then your body will think that it's making enough and stay at that production. If you have noticed a dip in supply, pump about 10 minutes after every feed during the day to boost it, power pump 10 minutes on, 10 minutes off for an hour a couple of times a day.

Amanda P 0 likes

Definitely pump at night though. At least once. Waiting that long could cause a clogged duct which believe me, you DON'T want. Mastitis is not your friend so be sure and drain your breasts. Hope this helps

Lyndsi H 0 likes

I pump at night before I go to bed.

Ciara B 0 likes

Pinterest has hundreds of ideas to increase your milk supply

Naomi Z 1 like

Alfalfa pills have always helped make my milk seemingly thicker and in better supply :) Hope that helps

Teri L 0 likes

I've tried fenugreek lactation cookies and mothers milk tea . Hasn't worked for me:( weekends and nights my lo eats constantly cause I'm only able to pump once at work . Been thinking about just going to formula. Good luck hope the herbs help you. People swear by them

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