Momma's what are your thoughts on bullying? Why do you think kids do that two each other?

J C 5 likes

They learn it from there parents or siblings in my opinion

Michaela C 10 likes

They feel bad about them selves so they bring others down to make them seem better.

Ellie M 6 likes

I hate it. And I think it's cause the bully feels bad about themselves in some way that they make other people feel bad to make themselves feel better, if that makes sense.

Bryanna T 5 likes

The main cause is parenting. I hate to say it but it is. Another reason is self esteem. If they are getting made fun of for having freckles they might take it upon themselves to make fun of someone's who's overweight to get the attention off of them.

E B 4 likes

It's also part of human nature. There's bullying documented in other species too. It's our advanced societal culture and sense of order that tells us it is wrong.

Olivia N 4 likes

Bullying is actually a rather complicated situation, it has many causes. I was bullied as a little girl in school because of my bushy eyebrows. Didn't go on for long though, but I hate it. My son is in prek and already at such young age I see kids making fun of other kids, sad sad sad

A V 4 likes

My 11 year old gets bullied because he is "different". He has autism and the other kids in his class are horrible to him.

Anne D 0 likes

Bullies have usually been bullied themselves, much like other types of abusers. And it goes much deeper than just the surface insults, for both the bully and the "victim". I know an 11-yr old boy that was physically abused by dad; dad no longer in picture; kids pick on him at school; trying to teach him to speak up and use his voice. Unfortunately we will most likely never be without bullies, so I think we need to teach our kids how to react if they are the ones being targeted.

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