Momma's of three month olds, I'm a nervous wreck about SIDS!! We are transitioning LO from our bed to his own. I know SIDS has to do with temperature. Is 77 degrees in his room too warm?

Danie M 9 likes

I've read that fans help because it circulates the air.. I personally think 77 might be too warm but that may just be me

Samantha M 2 likes

For me yes it's very warm.., my DD wont sleep if the temperature is above 71. We just set ours at 69 she sleeps good in it.., but every babies different some babies tolerate warm temperature but i must say 77 still too warm.

Sam R 3 likes

I dont know about exact temperatures but I've always heard/read that as long as you're comfy, babies comfy.

Sofie D 7 likes

I think between 69-72 is ideal. I keep the bedroom on the cool side. SIDS can happen for various reasons, not just temperature.

Cody B 5 likes

And am I correct that there should be no blanket on him?

Taelyn M 1 like

I was told 72 is the best but then I red babies sleep best between62-66

Katie M 1 like

That might be a bit warm I keep it at 72 and dress baby accordingly and he doesn't wear any blankets and nothing in his crib.

Cody B 0 likes

Thanks everyone!!😉

Michelle 2 likes

I always put my baby in a sleep sack and I always check the back of her neck to see of she is too hot

Sofie D 2 likes

I use a blanket, but following sids guidelines you are correct.

EL . 1 like

For us is 73!

Katherine T 2 likes

I would say around 70 would be best. Also use a sleep sack not a blanket. Just make sure all that is in his crib is a fitted sheet.

Isa R 2 likes

My daughters pediatrician suggested us to keep the temp at 68 at night I did start with sleeping sack as well.

E B 1 like

Personally, my LO runs a little hot so we keep the room at 68-70. He wears cotton jammies and a Halo Sleep Sack.

Alejandra's Mom 1 like

How old is your LO ? After 6 months old SIDs decreases a lot! By 60%. Its not just temp. ( i keep mine 71) make sure your crib is free of objects, you can use a blanket following SIDs recommendations, i use sleeping sacks it makes me feel safer.

Tonya M 2 likes

I also think 77 is very warm! I would turn down the heat and use a sleep sack! Babies a lot of the time get warmer when they sleep!

Ashlee A 3 likes

Keep the temp around 68 to 70! That should be perfect!

Cody B 0 likes

He's 3 months old.

Cali^Mom F 1 like

Dr. Sears says optimum temp for sleeping for babies is between 68-72

S M 1 like

I have my 3 month old in a Zipadee zip that's made out of t shirt material with the ac set on 70-72 and her ceiling fan.

Brooklyn S 5 likes

Abcs of SIDS. A) alone. Alone by themselves. No adult. No blanket. No stuff animals. B) back. Babies should always be placed to sleep on their backs. If they roll it's fine. C) crib. They should always have their own beds. No co sleeping. These are the guidelines that we use in daycare for our infants.

Mari B 1 like

For us 75 is ideal inside temp.

Shannon H 1 like

My baby prefers the heat up at night. Our thermostat will say 75 usually. Right now it says 76. I'm hoping this means lower AC costs in the summer :)

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