I have the Mirena and I am absolutely terrified it will mess with my fertility. Have any of you had an easy experience with it?

Mama Of 3 1 like

I just got mine in on Friday Iam hoping the same when I get it removed.

Whitney F 1 like

I had a pretty good experience with it... I had it for a year before removing it to get pregnant with my 2nd. It was removed in August and I got pregnant in December.

G. 0 likes

I had one for 2.5 years, loved it, and when I removed it it took 6 months to get pregnant (although I can't say if that was because of the iud or not)

Andy 0 likes

I had it for 3 years and was pregnant within 4 cycles of having it removed. All my friends that had it did not have a problem either.

Stephanie F 0 likes

I had mine for 4 yrs and had it removed and took me 8 months to get pregnant.

Nicole K 1 like

I had it for 3.5 years and was pregnant two days after having it removed.

Korissa H 1 like

I've had it for almost two years and I have no problems or pain and my doctor said if I want to have another child , it just needs taken out .

melanie s 0 likes

I had it for 4 yrs and got preggo months after.

Amber P 0 likes

I received one in 2011, had it removed in 2013 and instantly got pregnant. It's a matter of how regular your cycles are, I believe.

Mama Of 3 0 likes

I think you will probably be fine it takes a while to get pregnant sometimes. I wasn't on birth control for 9 yrs and it still took me 8 months to get pregnant. When the time does come to take it out I would just try to no stress about it they say to always give it a year to try and conceive before you should start worrying. Good luck!

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