Me and my hisband have been co sleeping with lo for about three months already. And hes nearly two. I put his toddler bed against our bed last night. Best sleep ive had in soooo long!!!! 😄🙌🏼

Britt A 0 likes

That's a great idea!!!! I never thought about that!!!

Laura C 2 likes

I have my lo's (20 month old) crib pushed up to my bed without the side rail! I love it! I get to be with her and see/feel her all night. But she sleeps in her bed! It's helping me a lot with night terrors right now because I'm right there for her!!

Jagodica B 0 likes

That's what I am about to do👍👍 I was thinking, but now I will for sure, we all need some good sleep, lol

Laura C 1 like

I know this isn't the "ideal" but I've learned that our ideal isn't everyone else's lol. Don't mind the mess! But this is my room and her crib mattress is a little lower than my mattress and it keeps her in all night

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