Maybe a silly question.. But are there any moms from Germany on here?? Just curious ;) and if so.. Are yall raising your Lo bilingual or just English??

Deleted A 1 like

Im not from Germany but we are raising our daughter bilingual. English/ Bisaya (filipino)

KLP 1 like

Im not from germany but we are raising my daughter bilingual. Im English and her father is Spanish :)

Lexi M 2 likes

We live in Southern California and 50% of people here speak Spanish so we are teaching the basic Spanish words that we know. So he'll be partly bilingual.

Diana W 0 likes

Do yall feel like English is easier sometimes lol she understands everything I say but speaks more English. Maybe because she sees me talking to everybody else in English. But I would love for her to speak German :( sometimes i just want to throw in the towel and speak in English.. But I've come so far with her now.. Lol

Diana W 0 likes

Well... Yall speak English lol so the first question doesn't apply.. Sorry ๐Ÿ˜œ I just feel like it English would be so much easier. But then again it's important to me and my mom that she speaks our language so that they can communicate since she doesn't speak any English.

N K 1 like

You should definitely get get used to a second language it will be great for the future

Rachel B 2 likes

Don't give up! I bet your LO will appreciate the time you spent teaching her another language when she's older.

Deleted A 1 like

No don't give up! Teach her both German and english

Diana W 0 likes

She hardly speaks German :/ so I feel like I'm failing. Also when I drop her off with a family members ( my husbands ) or the playcare ( it's not a daycare ) she has trouble communicating because she mixes the words. Other kids just look at her like she's from a different planet and I feel bad :(

Nancy W 1 like

I'm not from Germany but I am trying to teach my son Spanish and English. My first language is Spanish so I talk to him in Spanish most of the time and daddy doesn't speak Spanish so he talks English to him all the time. My two step kids were already older when we got custody so it's harder for them to learn.

Diana W 0 likes

Yea that's how we are doing it.. How old is your son?? If I can ask.. Does he speak more Spanish or English?? That's what's so confusing to me I guess lol

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