Mamas, what did you do for your children's first birthday? Did you throw a first birthday party?

J B 0 likes

I had a luau party just last week. I live in CA so the weather was great. We heated our pool and threw it in the backyard. A little over 80 people were there. It was more of a party for me to show everyone we were both still alive after a year, she's my first. We figured we would go big now, and have small parties until her 5th birthday.

S T 1 like

We had 3 people at our lo's first birthday party: me, dh, and lo. As far as I'm concerned, it was perfect. Do what will make you happy for the first few.

Rachelle H 0 likes

We had family and friends, probably 20 people for cake that I made. Very little decorations. It was very basic and she had fun.

julie d 0 likes

yea and I hated it. u get lost in the event, n don't get enough time to spend with ur baby on their bday.

SSZ 0 likes

Had a big party it was fun

Kathy M 0 likes

Family BBQ at home. Wasn't trying to fight nap time. Smash cake!

Chely M 0 likes

I threw a dinosaur theme party! On a budget so use plenty party city coupons and dollar world! It was an awesome turnout! :)

Ashley S 0 likes

We did but just close family at a park :) very small but super cute :)

Mindy W 0 likes

I did. Granted it wasn't an all out bday party but both my kids still had a blast

Rach R 1 like

We did it big! Don't forget to ask for help if you end up throwing a big party. Grandparents wanted to take care of the food, others took care of dessert, my mom bought the cake--helping hands will make u happy!

Sarahi V 1 like

We are , inviting over 100 ppl. Cowgirl theme and all (:

Alicia C 0 likes

Did my baby girl a baby Minnie Mouse 1st birthday, I didn't sleep UNTIL after the party. Just like 20 ppl but it was great just close friends and fam I would suggest to throw a party for awesome memories!

Kim G 1 like

We had family and close friends. We did cake for everyone, smash cake for her and lunch

Sara 0 likes

Family and a few close friends. Really just did a smash cake and cookout. My DD's birthday is 2 days after Christmas so we want to be sure we differentiate the celebrations for her as she grows.

Carrie H 0 likes

Yes; it's more for you than the baby, so have fun with it.

Tori H 0 likes

We had a luau party in July. For my January baby, when she does turn 1, I'm thinking maybe a ladybug theme.

Erin H 0 likes

On my dd actual bday it will be her, my hubby, his mom, my mom, and me. The wknd after will be a party for her with extended family, friends, and my god family. Do what makes you happy. My inlaws think its stupid but in my family it's tradition.

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