Mama’s - how and when did you know or not know that you were done having babies? Is there ever a time you feel like you “wanna” be done and feel done even if you feel a little sad maybe about it?

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I think It depends on the circumstances, future plans, etc. We has two and for the last 5 years we were sure we were done but! Now I am expecting our third ♥️. We decided we wanted the last one before hubby gets the vasectomy done. After this one we are sure we don't want More, 3 is good for us but is each family/couple/mom personal decision.

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I was sure after my third child I was done. My husband Even got a vas done. It's Been 5.5 years and I'm 31. We are seriously talking about having another 1 or 2. We finally bought home, financial Secure and I'm Still young. It's Weird though I'll Have a teenager and a baby. That's A big age difference. Kinda freaks me out.

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I was sure after my 2nd that I was done. I got my boy and my girl and both my hands and heart were full.❤️💙

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Ellie M I have totally been feeling confused if I'm done or not! I'm 30 was pregnant with my second and some days I'm like “I’m never doing this again!” And some days I’m like ... “3 could be good”. I don't feel like I'll ever have a definitive answer. It's so hard!

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Have 2 boys and im done, im 33 and dont want to change diapers At 40, I want to travel, build Career, go to gym etc. im officially done, my sons are 6 and 3 yo

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