Making afathers day shirt to announce our third baby to my husband.... any ideas on what it should say? So far I'm thinking Dad to the third power(the math symbol) lol

Second Time M 3 likes

Congrats!!! I like that!

M 5 likes

I like that idea! Here's a few more. ☺️ Cookies aren’t the only thing in the oven. The Man behind the bump. She’s eating for 2. I’m drinking for 3. & then there were 3. Ready for player 3? (Or 5 if you want to include mommy/daddy as “players” too) Ready for another sidekick? Ready for sidekick #3? Expecting baby #3. A shirt that says “Pizza maker”. When he looks at you confused show your shirt (wear a sweater over it) that says Pizza in the Oven.

Bria B 3 likes

Congrats! Cute idea :)

Marina 2 likes

Congrats Lexie Momma i like that idea and the she’s eating for 2 and i’m drinking for 3 idea that Mommy suggested

JVP 1 like

I like that!!

Lexie M 0 likes

Thanks for the ideas guys!!!

Kailey M 1 like


Lexie M 1 like

Kailey Marlow Last one! 🤣🤣

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