Looking to get one of these books to read about sleeping. I've been recommended the following: No cry sleep solution Healthy sleep habits healthy child Baby whisperer I'm kinda against the CIO method and looking for alternatives .. Who prefers which one of these books and did it work?? My LO is 8 weeks old and doesn't like to go to bed without being rocked (which is quite frustrating late at night when I'm sleep deprived). Help!!

Marina M 1 like

Sleep training usually shouldn't be implemented on babies younger than 4-6 months. Younger babies need to feel secure and comforted because their environment is so new and unfamiliar. I got lucky with my LO (two months old) - after the bedtime routine (bath with lotion massage, bottle and swaddle), I turn on her mobile and give her the pacifier and she's sleeping in 5 minutes. She sleeps from 9pm-7am.

Jayna Rissa C 1 like

8 weeks is still a bit too young to sleep train. But maybe you can have baby sleep next to you or in a little cot that attaches to your side of the bed. My son sleeps better in general when he can smell me and feel my warmth. I change it up some nights too so he's able to sleep in this room without freaking out. If you're BF you don't have to get up and if your FF then get his bottles for the night ready and by your bedside so you're not having to do too much so late at night.

Becky K 0 likes

I agree, way too young. There's no shame in asking a friend or family member to come watch baby so u can get some zzz's :)

Elise M 0 likes

I read baby whisperer but I liked happy baby... I used it and my sister in law used it for 4 children it is easy to reference and I loved how you could skim over or read in depth with the information.

Melissa C 1 like

We're all surrounded by constant communication these days (and most of it isn't as much necessary as it is noise). So turn off the chatter. Switch off your cell phone (you'll survive!), log off your instant messenger, put away your iPod, and turn off the radio and TV. Become reacquainted with silence (even if it's just for 10 or 15 minutes).

Lucy N 1 like

Like everyone said, baby is really young still. But for later, no cry sleep solution is a wonderful book. The tips do help. And if your baby wants to be rocked to sleep, try baby wearing in the evening so you can get things done while baby dozes off.

Jenn S 0 likes

8 weeks is to young for the cry it out method. It takes a while with newborns to establish a set routine. I did CIO with my kids, it worked for me but it was difficult to listen to. It sounds mean but it does work. If you find a no cry method that works, please let me know. I have # 4 on the way and my two year old is light sleeper. I'm willing to try :)

Caroline W 0 likes

CIO is not for me. No Cry Sleep Solution is a good book and recommends so things to do now to establish good sleep habits for the future.

Erin S 0 likes

I worded question kinda wrong. I was mentioning my baby is 8 weeks not that I'm trying to train her at this moment .... But inquiring about these books for upcoming! Being proactive so that I can read the books and slowly start trying things in the upcoming weeks / months

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