Looking for a babysitter in the Washingtonville area. Flexible ours. I will be returning to work April or May. Any info will help. Thanks.

Mommy Life A 0 likes

Look on care.com it will help Find someone to fit what you are looking for!

Perfectly M 0 likes

Try Facebook.com Care.com Or SmileMom app.

L A 0 likes

Try care.com

Haley J 0 likes

Have you tried looking in Facebook for groups?

Shelby P 0 likes

Care.com Background checks and interviews. Don't be afraid to say no to anyone.

Ashley B 0 likes

Or u can try care.com I found a nanny job on there a few years ago. They do background checks on all their babysitters and u can contact them before so you can meet them before they start watching ur kids :)

S S 0 likes

Care.com or sittercity.com will help too

Christina M 0 likes

Try care.com :)

Jaxons M 0 likes

Care.com is great!(:

Iris C 0 likes

Thanks everyone for your response. Will definitely try out the websites.

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